Update Wishlist for F4U-1C

F4U-1C - War Thunder Wiki

  • New Ammo: 2,350
  • New Battle Rating 5.3
  • New Speed: 435 mph
  • Better Climb Rate
  • New x6, x 20 mm AN/M2 cannon
  • New Camo

So um… Do you like maybe have sources or historical proof for those things you’ve ‘wishlisted’ for the F4U-1C? Other than a new camouflage and certain missing bombs and fuel tank (not really added for props yet), all of those things you wrote are complete fiction. Especially when in the context of adding them specifically for the F4U-1C Corsair variant.

I have never seen an F4U-1C report, manual or photo of a Corsair equipping 2 x more 20mm AN/M2 cannons and the standard 4 x 20mm cannons they already have. Also, 2,350 for the amount of ammo for a 6 x 20mm loadout is just absurd. Also, it makes absolutely no sense from a design perspective. For example, if you take into consideration the sheer amount of space and volume internally the Corsair wings have to provide in order to house not just 4 but 6 x AN/M2 cannons + belts or 6 x .50 calibre heavy machine guns. It simply wouldn’t fit or work with that much ammo. You’d have to make the Corsair’s wings like 3 x bigger and longer than they are currently. which I’m pretty sure Vought never conceived of for extra cannon armament. Not to mention this also would significantly affect flight performance of the aircraft as well with added extra weight in the wings so I’m not sure exactly where you got the 435 mph or even better climb rate from.

War Thunder is not WoWP… It still goes or at least tries to go on a historical and realistic approach basis for 3/4 of every aircraft in-game. Except for like a few certain German and Japanese WW2 axis aircraft, the U.S. doesn’t even need any fake modification or fantasy made-up aircraft at the moment.