Update Portforwarding rules

In the past I have already contacted you about informations of the ports used by War Thunder.
Like in the past I noticed that those ports changed again, Would be great if you guys could update the list for the UDP ports because right now they are outdated. Thanks

For example when i wrote to you guys last time UDP 16172 was being used for every single battle. I check with Wireshark, Netlimiter and also NetDuma R2 router will tell if the ports aren’t being used.

I noticed that the port for UDP changed from 20000-30000(range) to something like 20000-26000(range).

So it would be great if one if the DEVs could updated the Portfowarding Rules.

update where ?

on https://support.gaijin.net/hc/en-us/articles/200070211--War-Thunder-game-ports the UDP range is (still) 20000-30000 and also port 16172 is listed…

I was the one reporting those ports last year or so. Port 16172 is not used anymore while before it was used for every single matches…

Ports have been changed so DEV needs to clarify the new ones. Like now is 20000 to 260000 only

If someone need port forwarding those ports are important in order to experience correctly the game.

I used Wireshark, Netlimiter and Netduma R2 to verify that the article is outdated. I was the one who forced them to update it last time…

And of if you want I can provide you with proof