• A bug that caused target lock before the launch of TV-guided AGMs to reset before launch and abruptly move the camera away from the target has been fixed. (Report).
  • A notification about the need to turn on the laser target designator for laser-guided AGMs has been returned.
  • A notification to turn on the laser target designator, like laser-guided AGMs have, has been added for laser-guided bombs.
  • A bug where there was sometimes no indication that a laser seeker had captured an illuminated point has been fixed.
  • A bug where the target lock in the Optical seeker view may have not been reset if the reset was conducted by moving the mouse away from the target has been fixed.


  • A crash in Ground Battles on MacOS with Radeon graphics cards has been fixed. (Report).

Patch notes reflect only key changes, meaning they may not include a complete list of all improvements made. Additionally, War Thunder is constantly being updated and some changes may not require an update. Changes reflected in patch notes are formed by taking reactions and requests of the community from the bug reporting service, forums and other official platforms into account. Bug fixes and changes are implemented in order of importance, for example a game-breaking bug will be worked on and implemented sooner.




Very Nice

Very nice indeed!

Abrams fix when? :)


Please fix two Coastal boats, Flagstaff and MC-485. They have “no enough free crew members for repair” as there’re a Bluewater ships or Coastal with destroyers’ DM.
Flagstaff: Community Bug Reporting System
MC-485: Community Bug Reporting System

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Any updates on your guys game plan to fix the Abrams. Top tier USA is unplayable. @OrsonES


Thank you so much for fixing the Mac client. It was an absolute nightmare but runs great now!