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It’s an attack aircraft, it shouldn’t be able to effectively fight against dedicated fighters at its br

I would say you are safe to assume it was intentional. Until Gaijin starts being more transparent with data and changes, I am going to take the more pessimistic stance. For example, until Gaijin start’s sharing win rates and efficiency data for vehicles when they go to buff or nerf a vehicle; I assume this is factual. The US Abrams definitely needs its M829A3 and DU hulls for their Abrams.



Might be controversial, but

they just need better players.
It has a lot of players, more then some TTs combined, and they got a 11.3 premium tank. So a lot of inexperienced or new players buy that 11.3 premium tank and tank the stats for that tank.
A lot of the Top-Tier US players have the intellect of a Low-Tier German Main.

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no such thing, it doesn’t work like that. No one told all the bad players to play the US at top tier and told all the good US players to play low tiers


Yes it does

oh okay well since you say that’s how it works I guess that’s how it works

The issue with the Abrams isnt a result of its ammo or DU hull inserts, but the fact its incredibly easy to oneshot, namely the turret ring.


I won’t disagree with you that the existence of an 11.3 premium isn’t helping the case for top tier US but there are still players who actually have line-ups and skill who are just getting shafted by Gaijin’s lackluster balancing. The M829A3 was purpose-built to be a counter for Russian ERA and there is a significant jump (or so I was told) in the tonnage of the vehicle that Gaijin can’t seemingly explain but will deny it’s DU armor. The 5 second reload wasn’t the fix needed and if being honest, there are Abrams loaders who can hit a 3.5 reload time but I don’t see them fixing it.

What irks me is that they stated in a devblog dedicated to the Abrams hull issues that they are following the issue and with what data is available to us (since again, they don’t share it), that doesn’t seem to be the case. Something needs fixing.


3.5 second is like 2x.as fast as t90 lol. Would be super fun to have 629mm of pen or like 583 since I have AIM at like 15 rpm

Then the air tree is under-performing as well in Top-Tier.

The win rate mirrors almost exactly the ground one. And look at that, a 12.0 and 11.3 premium. Wow suprise.

And don’t you dare tell me the Top-Tier jets are underperforming. Israel has almost the same top-tier jets as the US and performs way better.

So yes, US-players are stupid.
They even let the F-15 stay at 12.3 because of that


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Merkava armor fix when? So many bug reports. So many sources posted. Almost 2 years later - where is the fix? Israel is a dead nation. Why give it nerf after nerf with every update?

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