4 months to update a stat card… That’s unbelievable.

yes i know it is a flying brick but the problem in facing 12 all at once

Of course it is an official nerf but they won’t admit it. You didn’t think the 12% reduction in RP costs from last summer would be allowed to stand would you? Any reduction in one area is met with an increase in another, it just took them 8 months to get here.


Updates were early to mid June, so end of next week the earliest I would say.


Is the Eagle Eye daily and special challenge still available for ground battles where its still very much achievable.

That’s why I’m asking for some official information about this situation. It’s simply not good also for Gaijin, and I totally understand your way of thinking and this kind of speculations. It really looks like the skill bonus they added last year turned out to be too effective and they decided to silently reduce players income.

The problem is, there are easier ways to reduce players gains. We know that in the reward calculations there is a value called “game mode multiplier”. And we know the devs change this value, when they think the rewards are too high or too low (they admit that in one of the Q&As). So they can already do this very silently, just by changing this multiplier. This multiplier is not presented for players anywhere, it’s a hidden value used in the mission rewards calculation. A perfect way to do silent nerfs!

From the other hand, removing most critical hits is a very weird way to do a silent nerf. Silent nerf should be hard to notice for the players, right? Because it’s pretty obvious players won’t be happy when they figure out the nerf that wasn’t listed in any update change log.

But look at the battle result screens before most critical hits from kills disappeared:


And compare this to battle result screens after the change:


There is no way that players wouldn’t notice this change. It’s just so obvious, especially for Arcade players (who heavily relied on these critical hits).

Keep in mind, 3 critical hits are worth the same score as 1 kill. So this change is massive, especially in Air Arcade battles. Also, the score affects the activity %, and this value affects some tasks and reduces mission rewards. Overall, this is a really big nerf.

Add to this critical hits tasks that became much harder to complete. There is no way players wouldn’t notice this nerf. It really would be naive by Gaijin to think they can do this kind of nerf silently. So maybe it was some kind of mistake, maybe it’s just a bug? We simply don’t know, because no one said anything officially about this issue.

The fact they completely removed tasks that required critical hits doesn’t fix anything. The problem are missing critical hits, and not the fact these tasks became much harder. Adding these critical hits back would instantly fix all the issues. So why not just doing that?

Tasks that require critical hits in Ground battles are called “Bulls Eye”.

And this is another weird thing about the change. In Ground battles, kills still give you critical hits. But in Air battles they don’t. So there is no consistency between these game modes. Will critical hits from kills in Ground battles be removed next? There are a lot of questions about this negative change, and it’s even weirded this change wasn’t mentioned anywhere. So players don’t even know what is going on.


This is why people should not be investing in BP seasons. Gaijin is only making it worse with each new season.


The only plausible explanation of them removing the task now and not replacing it in any way is that those changes to air rewards and damage were intentional. That seems self-evident. Suggest we all move on, now.


I agree that would be the most logical explanation, but not the only one. Maybe they are preparing for some code changes, and for now decided to remove these tasks, but add them back when everything will be sorted out? We can only speculate, because nothing was said officially about this issue.

The problem is that removing most critical hits affected many areas of the game. I usually mention Air battles, but this change also hugely affected SPAAs. Try to exp SPAA nowadays without these critical hits. Your potential score and rewards from attacking planes are now much lower and it is definitely a big problem.

I know it’s easy to say “move on”, but there are new issues without these critical hits in the game right now. It’s not only about the tasks.

I also don’t think it should be so huge problem for Gaijin to officially say why these critical hits were removed. Without any official announcement, there will be a lot of speculation about this change. After all, it wasn’t listed in any changelog, so I really understand why for many players this change really looks like something malicious. Is this a good situation for Gaijin?


Youre facing 12 of them not because its br is low, but its a damn good strike aircraft and grinder for 15 dollars. Even if it was 6.0 you will still see 12 of them because its a good deal for someone wanting to grind britain air.

as far as i know there are no SPAA at 11.7 with lower range than 10km.
the missile moves at 345m/s, you can easily kill the drone long before the missile reaches you.

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Hit Detection, Hit Detection, Hit Detection . . . everything, Crits, hits, assists, kills and yes . . Severe Damage are ALL based off one thing . . . . hit detection. That’s the nerf that affects everything the most. It has made Air combat so RNG as to question if it is a game or not anymore. If you have no idea where to aim anymore because you cannot reliably tell if it will count as a hit, then skill doesn’t matter much anymore. I know a lot of it has to do with lag differential between the two players and the game servers and so on, but . . . the way it is now . . . you’re just going thru the motions most of the time and waiting for the game to tell you if you had any luck or not now. All the other actions are affected by hit detection first, then all the other “calculations” come after . . .

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There’s still a bug preventing the ZSU-23-4M4 from reloading it’s 9M39 missiles in Arcade. We’ve done multiple reports.

I guess good job for the update but in all seriousness how did the AKD 10 take two years to implement with stone hard evidence - a literal photo from a Chinese airshow…

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Ground battle rewards desperately need an increase. The economy revisions from the last roadmap are just not enough. Apologies, but in a game where the core theme is vehicular combat, it makes no sense how a point capture is worth 3 times the reward of a vehicle destruction. The progression is such a slog to move through, especially when there are massive gaps in vehicle ranks. Like France’s gap of 10.0-11.3 should see all of the LeClercs be foldered, and not just the S1 and S2.

And all Rank 7 and 8 vehicles that have an APSFD round should start with an APFSD round. Having to take the S1 with stock HEAT against Rank 8 with stock APSFD…there’s no argument to justify that.


when will you start making better maps for top brs?


-Abandoned Factory
-American desert


You’re spot on as always Poul! That there hasn’t been any communication on this whatsoever is in increasingly leading me to believe it is indeed a malicious change. If they gave us a reason, even a bad one, there’d at least be some closure.


That’s exactly my point. We are in this weird situation right now, that we don’t know what is going on.

It looks like even bug moderators are not sure what to do about missing critical hits reports:

These reports are not touched for months. They are not passed to the devs, but they are also not closed with not a bug status. Bug moderators avoid doing anything about these reports, like they didn’t know what to do with them.

I’m not even sure if our community managers have a direct access to the devs. Maybe they don’t, and maybe they simply can’t ask the devs if this change is intentional or not. And if this change is intentional, will something be done about the reduced score, activity % and rewards? There is a chance our community managers are so silent about this issue, because they just don’t have any information from the devs. That would actually be the simplest explanation for all this silence.

There are plenty of topics and bugs reports about critical hits issue. And I’m sure there will be more in the future, because it’s actually a big deal for the players. It’s a huge nerf to the score, activity % and rewards, and it wasn’t even listed in any changelog.

Many players link this change with the severe damage mechanics, and this may of course be correct. But it’s worth recalling that most critical hits from planes disappeared about 2 weeks before severe damage mechanics was implemented in the game. So these two things don’t even have to be connected.


And there was me thinking Warthunder needed the crummy redline maps removing and the terrible map rotation sorting when what we really needed was the mass of explosives in the WZ305 increasing from 153 to 159g.How out of touch am I ? 😔

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DM83 with that stats lol