Following the Roadmap

  • An in-game wishlist and the ability to send gifts to other players in you friends list through it have been added.
  • Integration with the Steam friends list has been added.

Ground Vehicles

  • Challenger Mk.3, Challenger DS — a bug that caused the kinetic ammunition in the turret to explode when hit has been fixed. (Report).
  • T-90M — a bug which caused the explosion-proof fuel tanks to explode when damaged has been fixed. (Report).


  • F-4F Early — CCIP mode for all weapons as well as CCRP mode for bombs have been added.


  • An option to buy the vehicle without choosing a crew for it has been added to the vehicle purchase confirmation window.
  • A new window for opening the Toolbox has been added.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.



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Hello @Stona_WT.

When can we expect the next “It’s Fixed” patch ?
It usually drops on wednesday. Does that mean we can expect such a patch tomorrow ?

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That’s my report!


We are trying to publish it every 2-3 weeks.


the ingame whishlist throws you into the rady for battle page if opend during a match or testdrive, opened a issue for it


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I don’t like the new lootbox window, now I can only purchase and consume all at the same time, I can no longer open the lootboxes one by one.


@Stona_WT Finland map is not available since the last update, you can still find his portrait in the map section but is not ingame, is this a error or is intentional???

Everything is lagging, fix the server. I can not even buy the modifications for vehicles without waiting or leave the match after being shot down. I am using the game on steam platform.


And things that really needs fixed stays broken, nice. Best game ever.

There really are no gifts or incentives for those who contribute to reporting bugs in this game. Not even a medal in the forum as a thank you?


Only the satisfaction of a job well done :)))


i can only download

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Yeah @Stona_WT I think there is a mistake in the title, the most recent version is,

yeah i think we will ahve soon, as a hotfix

can your be more proactive in repairing those ISSUES that have already been recognized?
can quickly handle those relatively simple tasks first

Extreme slow loadings, laggish in hangar or leave battle to hangar takes minutes!
The new toolbox opening are almost like as in the other “tank game”… dont do that, really bad update for toolbox opening.
Wishlist are cool things. Hope you add silver sending possibility for friends.

Nice Servers are totally broken, slow loading slow hanga need way to long to get and leave a match then need to wait long on the rewards and also cant view squads or playercards because it wont load

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Challenger Mk.3, Challenger DS — a bug that caused the kinetic ammunition in the turret to explode when hit has been fixed. FIIIIIIINALLY!!!


The toolbox opening magic is now gone. The roulette was meaningless but fun to watch. Bring it back as an option!

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