Are the M18 ‘Black Cat’ and Super Hellcat not affected by these changes? I do not have my laptop with me right now so I cannot check.


what does that change?



The vertical guidance angles have been “fixed” for the ADATS but thats only the gun/launcher.

The sight still isnt’f fixed and is stuck at 59* max… Why?
Should follow the gun all the way up


anyone knows where we can find those set-ups?

some aircraft where the main gun is aiming off center would previously change aimpoint when rolling (like if the gun was aiming 10 degrees up it would create a circle movement when rolling).
now the plane rolls around the aimpoint of the gun instead.
(note that this is not for manual roll but for when you drag the mouse to the side in mouse aim).

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When did you become a furry?

Black Cat didn’t get buffed? That’s weird. I imagine it’s an oversight from Gaijin.

Either way, thanks.

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I think you just haven’t bought enough rounds. Have you turned off automatic ammo buying?

they added back the old unobtainable PFP in the new SL toolbox.

Oh that’s weird, it is off. I don’t remember turning it off, but it’s back to normal now. Thanks.

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Ffs really?? Why even bother

Hey, I don’t believe this is an oversight. I’ve just taken a look at the internal report for this and the sources used. Later models (serial numbers 1,351+) had the better R 975-C4 engine plus a muzzle brake. Earlier than the 1,351 serial numbers didn’t have both of these. The Black Cat is an earlier variant (the indication of this is that it has no muzzle brake in-game).



Happy Eid gaijin

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Only remains to remove ags, alpha jet, lansen, begleitpanzer and bo-105 and lineup will be playable

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The black cat doesn’t have the muzzle brake but that’s just because it hasn’t equipped it.

The barrel it has very clearly accepts a muzzle brake, it just has a thread protector installed instead, much like the Jumbo 76.

For example, the M4A1 (76) doesn’t have a muzzle brake and cannot equip it either, the barrel simply does not gave the threading for it.


Hey, I discussed it with TrickZZter who replied to your report.

It’s a 50 mm plate with a 30 mm plate ontop. Only the 30 mm plate is visible until you view from this perspective: