• The JAS39 and Mirage 4000 radars have been reconfigured according to updated data. The detection and identification of them by different RWRs is configured.

Ground Vehicles

  • SUB-I-II — the maximum speed has been increased from 50 km/h to 60 km/h. Source: 仮制式要綱73式装甲車XD8005. Japanese Ministry of Defense website.
  • Churchill Crocodile — the mass has been reduced from 47.5 tons to 45.15 tons. Source: Crocodile. Flame thrower equipment. Provisional training pamphlet 1945.
  • Conqueror — APDS projectile speed has been increased from 1463 to 1493 m/s. Source: Royal Armoured Corps Training Vol 3. - Armament Pamphelt No. 9 Conqueror, Marks 1 and 2 1957 by the War Office Page 3.

Naval Vessels

  • A bug that caused the survivability percentage displayed in the hitcam to not match the actual percentage when attacking a target with an upgraded crew has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused the hitcam to not display a change in the survivability percentage when hitting a target has been fixed.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


Considering that what is changed is not specified, it’s probably a nerf, right?


hot damn, an extra 15mm of pen for the conq just edging it over the 500mm mark
It likely won’t make an actual difference in game but me like big numbers


if you could fix it’s damage please… It’s less deadly than a fox round!


Can we get more info on this? this is extremely unspecific and doesn’t say what was actually changed and how.


Tbh from what we’ve seen they are very open about nerfing the Gripen (probably to satisfy the 95% of players that play a different nation), so it would actually make sense if they wanted to hide a buff since the other players would start to complain. The only difference I’ve noticed is that you can now use full-sweep for the radar when using TWS, so at least one buff.

Will they ever fix the planes with a bugged LITENING II pod like the F-16C. This has been in the game for months and has been acknowledged. @Stona_WT any update would be nice, thanks.

What bug?

I’m skimming the raw datamine github comparison file and it looks like the RDM-3 and PS-05A were added to RWRs of a bunch of aircraft.
I think they kinda forgot to add their radars to other aircraft sensors as I recall in the past getting hit by a ? mark at times which is likely the change

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Incorrect thermal generation, Litening II ingame is Gen 1 when it should be Gen 2


Radars or JAS39 and Mirage-4000 was identified as unknown - “?”.

Now they are : “J39” and “M2K”

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Well before it showed up as a F-16 on RWR. now it will show up correctly.
but i’m more interested in the “radars have been reconfigured according to updated data” part.

That i understood. i wondered about the “radars have been reconfigured according to updated data” part of the changes.

Well Gen 1 for the F16C for some reason

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That sucks … Literally no good reason that this hasn’t changed yet lol

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It was changed from the F16D radar to what I assume is a radar based upon Data for the Blue Vixen radar. Which was one of the best mechanical radars ever built. Was said to outperform An/Apg-73 on the F15 despite being half the size.

So should be a very good buff. (If it’s modelled correctly) Just a shame we have no decent BVR yet

No more Ghost Crews! o7

How about the “Booting players from matches” exploit?

Has this been patched?

That is probably one of the dumbest bug ever, it had gen 2 at lunch of the f16c and now it has gen 1 how hard is it to reverse the change.

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Davy Jones is not gunna be happy