Ground Vehicles

  • Valentine XI — errors in the turret damage model have been fixed. (Report)
  • AFT09 — errors in the optics damage model have been fixed. (Report)

Naval Vessels

  • Le Triomphant — the display of modules in the ship’s x-ray have been fixed.


  • The in-game chat is now available again.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


this patch made it so sound is still played when tabbed out. even though the option is sett to off. id does not matter if i turn it on or off or restart client with it on or off.

the option to join or not join already active battles also no longer works as no matter what setting is used it matches you to already ongoing battles.

issues are already reported by many on the issues site so i don’t want to spam but none of them seem to have gotten a response yet.


Alt tabbing no longer keeps the plane going in the same direction, pls fix. Also sound plays while in the background like @Necronomica said. Revert the update


Still no bug fixes for the challenger 2’s so called “rework” may as well spit in our faces at this point.


Ship still buggy, i really sure shooting at enamy ship till it only 3% crew and it can still floating like nothing happened and don’t want to die, it also apply to 0% crew too


Something happened to alt-tabbing in general. I have severe frame drops, and a hard time alttabbing out of the game.


Issues with Alt-Tab causing frame drops was reported to be fixed over on our community bug reporting website, make sure you update the game & verify files.


All the gorgeous wallpapers like this really need to be in-game loading screens.


Thanks, it seems to be fixed

solved by rechecking file-integrity.


this report was marked as fixed but i’m still having this bug after restart:
Community Bug Reporting System

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Try force rechecking your files

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Beautiful piece of art featuring the Valentine

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That helped! thx!

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Oh so that’s what was happening. I thought i was just chat banned

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My xbox wont uodate

Is it me or am i having the issue where the game just close for no issues now after the update?