Update (Xbox

Ground Vehicles

  • Damage to ammunition modules when directly hit by kinetic or shaped charge ammunition has been increased.
  • M1A1 HC — a bug that caused the dozer blade to be missing from the model has been fixed.
  • M10 — a bug that caused some modules to be missing in x-ray mode has been fixed.


  • A bug during long sessions that caused AGMs and air-to-air missiles to visually remain on their hardpoints after being fired has been fixed.

Naval Vessels

  • A bug where an incorrect number of destroyed guns was shown in the hit camera on some ships has been fixed.
  • Incorrect reading of 0% in the hit camera when deselecting a target has been fixed.


  • Screen flickering that occured after minimizing out of the game during a loading screen and then tabbing back in to full-screen window mode has been fixed.
  • Terrain rendering artifacts that appeared where an enemy was destroyed has been fixed.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


what about the lack of spall damage after penetrating era on T-series tanks without spall liners? But if now we can actually kill T-series without having to empty an entire ammorack, good.


No fix for the Naval damage bug introduced with the patch. Rapid fire HE spamming is now the name of game. Who needs armour, BR, skill and experience when merely landing the first salvo on target rips the opposition apart?

not a bug, its a ‘fix’ (see attached image)
having said that, id rather have them revert to the old model, cause this is ridiculous
also kinda odd to introduce such a massive change a day before a big grind event, kinda feels as if they’re just testing things on the live server


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The intention may have been a fix (although ‘change’ would be a better description as there was no error to correct only a compromise to rebalance) but that’s not what’s resulted.

The extra fragments does not appear to have a corresponding decrease in damage per frag as planned, the result is a big overall increase - that’s a bug.

Yes, Fixes and Bugs can be exactly the same thing when they go wrong and now there is an error to fix.

@Stona_WT don’t know if it has been mentioned yet or not, but since i didn’t see it in the update notes, the cursor, when selecting vehicles after loading into battle, has much higher sensitivity after the update. Also, idk if the aircraft missiles fixed ground, but in testing last night, ground missiles from vehicles like Adats and Ito 90M keep the missile floating in air visually whilst still having them actually move. It’s incredibly frustrating to deal with aircraft when i can’t see my own missile, but that bug wasn’t super common. Just thought I’d mention these

No, this change has nothing to do with small calibre shells destroying capital ships. There’s a bug that making shells randomly ignores ship’s armour and developers are working on fixing this issue at this moment.


Hoping the F-16C wing drop tanks get fixed soon. 1 of them is bugged and provides no fuel and the LITENING II is still bugged compared to other LITENING IIs in game