Ground Vehicles

  • Centauro RGO — the gunner’s thermal sight has been changed to the one used on the Centauro I 120, and the commander’s thermal has been added.

Naval Vessels

  • IJN Kongo — hull protection has been added below the waterline from the lower edge of the armor belt to better protect ammunition magazines, boiler rooms and compartments.
  • False voice alert about the threat of collision with another ship has been fixed.


  • A bug that caused flickering aircraft in ground battles has been fixed.


  • Detailed descriptions for all British aircraft decals have been added. These descriptions depict some information about the decal itself, who used it (a pilot or squadron) and where it was historically positioned on an aircraft. This was also done for German aircraft decals last year, and we will continue to add more descriptions over time for other nations.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


Hey @Stona_WT , I just noticed that apparently this week the radar AN/APG-59 found on the F-4J(USA/UK), F-4S, and the British Phantoms lost the minimum/max missile range indicator side bars on their radar interface. (This likely happened either in the major update, or in one of the hotfixes)

I found this change very odd, was this intended?

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Hi. I got problem. Since todays update i dont see missiles in air sim. In rb there is no such problem nor in sim test flight. Also in replay missiles are invisible but they work since i was able to credit kills. More strange is that if i reply sim battle from yesterday everything is visible. It is worth mention that i play in vr hp reverb.

I tried to do a match today in SB and had nothing but issues. Not just invisible missiles, but the radar couldnt see a target straight in front of me and even when firing missiles, they just didnt seem to work.

Theyve done something very very wierd


Yes in GrB also, lots of bugs, textures glitches etc.

Asked others in the chat and they were also having all sorts of bugs.

Very unstable!

They are not showing up like they used to when using Hellfires and inside gunner view. They used to have a gauge on the right hand side clearly showing the max and minimum distances for locks and guidance. This is no longer available since update so I’m assuming it’s just another one if the very many bugs the patch introduced.

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Please make a report on that. Thank you.

Anyone notice that Progress points (Level progress for Battle Pass) earned from Daily tasks are not immediately updated with this latest Update?
I have to exit game and re-enter to see the updated progress.
Progress points from Challenges are updated normally.

I cannot play this game after update. WT is immediately crashed in ARB match

Will I need to provide documentation such as manuals in the report?

Not needed

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I opened the report, thanks for clarifying my questions.

Naval becomes absolutely unplayable. Endless server crashes and broken new damage model.

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