Cause anything that will give a player advantage at range will be removed.

JaPz.K A2 engine sounds like overheated lawnmower, it is quite unpleasant to drive it.

It’s too loud man. I can’t be near friendlies as I hear nothing else but the Tiger engine. It’s even louder than an airplane flying overhead.

Or better yet, remove enemy markes from ARB altogether.

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Cool that you update the game sounds but you should pay more attention to balancing the volume levels. The Tigers are now much louder than most other tanks. :(

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Its some new bug in ground rb where if you shoot down a plane with a2a missiles you dont get the kill and it counts as a crash

ive had this with the Gepard tho, normally only happens when u hit the ordinance on the aircraft.

Ah okay, never happened to me bwfore and happened 3 times this morning

3 times sounds excessive. id recommend testing against the same vehicle in custom with some friends and see if u get the same result

Thats why i commented about it

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