• Tornado F.3, Tornado ADV a bug where the HUD was missing the target range scale and launch success zone for missiles has been fixed. (Report)
  • MiG-29, Yak-141 — CCRP for bombs has been restored in the HUD. (Report)

Ground Vehicles

  • A bug that caused an explosion after an ammunition burnout has been fixed.

Naval Vessels

  • A bug that incorrectly displayed the reload time on turrets that had multiple types of ammunition when the ammunition type was changed on only one turret has been fixed. (Report)

Other changes

  • A bug where the aiming circle and azimuth scale moved during a pause in a test drive has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused the corners of some destructible buildings and objects on some maps such as Spaceport to have incorrect collisions when tracing projectiles has been fixed. For example, firing at a tank that was visible on the corner of a building would cause the projectile to hit an invisible wall. (Report)
  • A bug that caused the respawn point cost of armor-piercing belts to remain even after unequipping them has been fixed. (Report)

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.




We had to remove the Sound changes section as they did not make it into this update. They should be arriving in a future update instead.


@Morvran I’m guessing you’re pretty happy about this :)

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Thank god for that!! I see some of the bugs in the report are over 2 years old and was hoping it wouldn’t be another 2 years until the sound is finally fixed.

Hopefully you revert those awful sound changes that made tanks completly silent

reported issue 2 years ago 39 views

Common devs, it took them only 2 (two) frea**** YEARS to fix a bug, not impressed or disappointed.
aAAAAAaAaAA (silent scream)


Sounds return when?

@magazine2, can I have an advice from Community Manager

My issue about rare bug with Premature “no active players” that pops-up right when the plane touches the ground/airfield and before it even stopped (means not after a 1 min of inactivity)…

It got barbarously closed with wrong reasoning about “why this mechanic exists” (what I perfectly know), but totally disagree about this rare possibility for premature triggering that is definitely not part of the gameplay expectations for both sides (devs and players).

Not sure what to do with this drama of mine, feel free to ignore or redirect this message.

Thank you on any outcome!

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Speaking of sounds, the loader is completely silent, it’s been like that for a few days.

It’s part of it, not sure if it’s also the rest of the radar symbology like the gripen has

This is the main bug report they need to fix

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Right. I’m still waiting on that feature for the Viggen with radar locked target in HUD. My bug report is like 5 months old now lol

So at least another 5 months until they even look at it then 😂😭

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Not really, but birds gonna be singing sooner after a tank shot and from shorter distance…

Gaijin please fix this terrain bug, its annoying when it happen because somtimes the bug can block your view and gettin yourself killed in the process