• A bug causing artifacts after minimizing/maximizing the game client with the latest AMD Radeon drivers has been fixed.
  • Partially fixed textures disappearing and deformation issues while using the latest NVIDIA GPU drivers.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.



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Can you fix fps drop for nvidia cards too? Even if i lock my fps to 60 where only 30% of my gpu power is used, I still have problem with fps drop. It usually happens about 1 minute after start of match when i moving away from spawn and sometimes in middle of match.


I think my performance is worse too. I used to play with about +250FPS with DLSS and +120 without it and lately I get a lot of stutter and framedrops if I play without DLSS on GB, for example. My PC should be more than capable.

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Will be be compensated for the time lost in the new event or is it our fault that we don’t wanna farm 45k points while getting flashbanged by textures every 5 minutes or fight with constant crashes ?

Yeh thats great, now fix the sound, vehicles are practically silent, aircraft are basically silent until they’re literally landing on your head… The only thing that isn’t silent it seems are helicopters atm… But yet again the in game 3D sound makes is sound like they’re in a completely different direction to where the sound source actually is. We don’t need another 50cal rework or more reverb! We need clear accurate sound then maybe you can start to claim Esports ready without people laughing.


Any update on naval battles freezing when turrets are destroyed? It was acknowledged a month ago and so far nothing has changed.

i still have a textures bug on NVIDIA GPU


ye same

Can we see PLZ83 obtaining complete ammunition in the next update? It can launch APHE and also has a 9KG explosive HE, with a huge turret equipped with a semi-automatic loader. These have not been restored in the game and have been around for a long time. Do I need to wait for a year for this? I have never seen anyone use this car, it’s like a meaningless placeholder added to the game


Being able to hear tanks 200 meters away flies in the face of “realistic” battles

Look around more

Good change, sound was used as a crutch, and close flanking is actually possible now

Stop ignoring player feedback on the Abrams & CH2 Armor. It’s embarrassing


If you are on Windows, I found turning on “Windows Sonic for Headphones,” a built-in spatial sound feature (much like Dolby Access, but free and probably not quite as good) really helps. I mean, a lot. (At least, if you use headphones, which is very much recommended.) Without it, most of the audio sounds quite muddled together, and the direction of engine noise can be extremely hard to pick out from other noises.

I have dolby access because of previous sound changes to war thunder it was the only sound system setting that didn’t make the game unbearable to play, the recent sound changes have yet again made everything worse so I’m back to square one

Yeh because the game is so realistic lmao get real, it doesn’t make any sense from a gameplay balance pov when you can only rely on visual cues, be like playing call of duty with the sound off.

Definitely something is wrong when flying over the ocean.

This bug with NVIDIA is funny.


I don’t see it’s fixed , still have the same issue yet

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Please set opacity of the menu divs to 100%.

Its ridiculously heavy on GPU as it is transparent now.

They did say partially fixed.