Ground vehicles

  • A bug that caused IR spotlights to not work in random battles has been fixed (Report).


  • F-111A — a bug that caused the reticle to get stuck in the top left of the HUD when turning on CCRP and bomb mode has been fixed. (Report)
  • A bug that prevented the AH-129D and Tiger HAD Block II from participating in [PvE] Helicopter Battles has been fixed.
  • AH-129D — the position of the targeting point camera has been fixed.
  • MH-60L DAP — third person camera has been moved back.


  • GIS 811, PT-15, MTB Vosper, MTB Vosper(2), SGB Grey Fox, D-3 — a bug that caused torpedoes to display incorrectly has been fixed.


  • A bug that caused the mirroring of decals to not work correctly has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused the cursor to move to the right of the window when rotating or changing the size of a decal with console gamepads has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused the -50% tag on Backups and Talismans in the modification window to be cut off has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused the skill bonus Level icon to show for players that were below the Level 1 requirement has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused a blank Multifunction Menu on consoles has been fixed.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


praise the lord


Sir Italian Premium ship reward only 150%???


Any idea when devs going to look at the 20mm+ cannon damage again? Seems the fix for RealShatter has been rolled back - probably by accident… cannons producing again very low frag count and low damage on the HE shells.

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They won’t be… they are gonna remove every nation except France

I suspect you’re looking at the tech tree with it set to simulator battles. Since ships don’t have economy data for sim, it just defaults to the base of 100%+50% for premium. It shows 1800% on realistic.

@Stona_WT Sorry for the tag but, antialiasing is still broken. Please at least let us know if the devs are aware of the issue.

Bug report #1

Bug report #2

Bug report #3