• On vehicles that have NVDs at night, 3rd person night vision mode is now turned on automatically when spawning in.
  • In the respawn and scoreboard window, information about the time of day and weather conditions of the current battle has been added.
  • In the aviation crew window (under the “Logistical services” tab, in the “Reload Speed” skill), extended information about the reload speed of each individual gun of the selected vehicle’s armament has been added.

Ground vehicles

  • Leopard 40/70 — a bug with the gunner’s sight magnification being too high has been fixed.
  • AMX-10P — a bug that caused scouting functionality not to work has been fixed.


  • MiG-21 (all variants) — the possibility to separately launch the S-24 rockets has been removed. Sources: “Aircraft MiG-21F-13 Technical Description. Book II. Armament. 1963”, “Aircraft MiG-21PFM Operating Instructions No. GK-194. Book II. Operation of armament. 1968” and “Aircraft MiG-21Bis Pilot’s Flight Operating Instructions”.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


Disappointed to hear that MiG 21 lossing seprate launch of its best rocket.

Great to see the time of day and weather before spawning in. Now what do we need to do to get that in the server lobby for Air SIM? Really annoying activating a booster, entering a battle with TV guided munitions and then find out its low light conditions and your weapons are useless and you wasted a booster.



I think this should be toggle in settings compared to being automated.

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Still can’t scout


Stormer is still bugged - Starstreak cannot connect with any Jet (in a live game or custom battlle → works fine in Testdrive).

thanks for ruining the gameplay…this is garbage…why do we have to throw one rocket away when the ballistic computer provides us a perfect firing solution? many people had used 3x S-24s and some missiles as their loadout yet now one less to score a hit with…please set it back :(

Its been quite some time now and the Mk 101/103 I-T round still is not at ApI-T round and has only 2mm instead of 58mm.