• A bug that caused some marketplace camos to not be visible to other players in battle has been fixed.
  • The research costs of modifications have been made more visible in the tooltip in the modifications window.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


Still no addition of the promised “separate sound configuration for allied and enemy engines.”

And there are still no fixes for the problem that allied engines are significantly louder than enemy engines. Why can I still hear the allied IS 2 at 1km range but the enemy IS 2 is silent even at 200m?


I would add the ability to gun down missiles in flight what ever the missile type

that has been in the game for a few years


an update!

Minor updates since Gepard 1A2 bug was acknowledged: 71(Server updates excluded)

Major updates since Gepard 1A2 was acknowledged: 3

Also what’s up with suggestions not being approved


your a fool to think that the M247 needs to go to 8.7, that thng is one of the most scary AAs there is, having dual fast firing 40mm tracerless proxy rounds that are radar guided, it would not be balanced at 8.7 where comparable AAs have a lower caliber non proxy round with similar fire rate with worse radar guidance, if your trying to use it as an anti tank platform, welcome to the world of AAs (excluding ZSU-57-2, and Falcon)


my suggest still pending for over one month :/
and separate sound sadly still not available or broken also other bugs i reported did not get fixed.
and am confused object 279 armor report got closed and acknowledged what does that even mean ?
object 279 still have holes and can be killed from the front with spaa.

Aia-air missiles are not gunnable,…

Maybe because there’s no need to buff an already OP vehicle ?

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They are

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Show me a video in which a pure AAM (and not an ATGM with Air-Air purpose) is shot down by GUNS (not by another missile or rocket)

Or show patchnote that says it can be gunned down.

go do it yourself im not gonna bother

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Sadly for you, i tried at multiple times, and it’s still impossible

Seems like you are doing something wrong

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You’re just making a baseless claim and refuse to offer any proof. Seems like you already know you’re wrong.

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https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMjXoTE2o/ a clip of a friend, 1:15, it’s very rare to happend due desync but it’s possible

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i don’t think it will stay at 8.7br if it’s going to 9.0 br why not buff it ?
it will face Dm23 and dm33+ rounds

Well at least you try to give me an exemple, so i’ll admit it, but we don’t see it clearly, as the moment the missile is shot is the most your friend aimed down, having the explosion outside of vision ^^"

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Hm, i just realize that, maybe could that had been the ping? I wasnt really there or neither can we see the ping due short resolution, but i do belive it was shot down, cuz as far i’m aware the j8f doesnt have a radar missiles that often explodes on the air for whatever reason