• The minimum Battle Rating of sessions in which strike UAVs are available has been increased from 10.7 to 11.3.

Ground vehicles

  • Fuzed projectiles that ricochet off the ground now detonate at a much shorter distance from the ricochet point.
  • A bug that caused a lack of illuminating light in night-time ground battles has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused a brief display of thermal imagery from the thermal sights in third-person view when switching the camera from third-person to sniper mode has been fixed.
  • ZT3A2 — a bug that caused an offset of the coaxial machine gun which also made firing the guns shoot above the target has been fixed. ( Report)
  • A bug related to radio fuze activation of anti-aircraft guided missiles when switching target tracking modes between radar and infrared sensor has been fixed. ( Report)
  • A bug where if rounds hit an enemy vehicle and a display of the “Shell destroyed” message in the impact camera shows, damaged icons in red for components and the crew would display, even if the vehicle hit did not receive any damage has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused ATGM lock-ons to switch to other objects with high-temperatures such as rockets has been fixed.


  • SK60B, SAAB-105G, SAAB-105OE — a bug that caused damage to be displayed even though the tail was shot off has been fixed.
  • SK60B — the weight of suspended armament per wing has been increased from 500kg to 550kg.
  • Q-5A — a bug that caused two inboard empty pylons to be shown on each wing when using the Type-130-2 missile has been fixed. ( Report)
  • J1N1 — a bug that caused the wrong number of turrets to display in the vehicle’s stat card (4 instead of 2) has been fixed.
  • Lightning F.53 — a bug that made it impossible to copy a weapon loadout that had 48 x RP rockets and 144 x SNEB type 23 rockets has been fixed.
  • AJ37 — a bug that caused the x-ray view of the outboard 30mm Akan m/55 guns to remain even when this gun was detached has been fixed.
  • Su-25T, Su-39 — a bug that caused the button for the infrared countermeasures to not work has been fixed.


  • A bug that caused the first-round replenishment indicator to disappear when opening the scoreboard in ground battles has been fixed.
  • The readability of the hit camera tooltip has been improved. Regular hits to vehicles are now displayed in orange, while a non-damaging hit is now shown in green.
  • A bug that caused the tooltip of torpedoes in-game when hovering over them to display an incorrect depth has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused a large number of rewards for actions in the battle results tooltip screen to clip outside of the screen has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused armor-piercing shells on stealth belts to display incorrectly in the protection analysis screen for aircraft has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused the multifunctional menu in battle whilst in an aircraft with a ballistic computer for guns to erroneously show missiles active has been fixed.
  • The ability to display the names on markers of allied players only in squads has been added to the settings.
  • A bug that, in some cases, caused the filter of preferred maps to incorrectly display a lower Battle Rating has been fixed.


  • Ka-Chi — a bug that caused vehicle tracks to incorrectly display in the sky for other players has been fixed. ( Report)


  • The incorrect activation time for the sale of coupons from the “Summer Extreme” event has been fixed.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


Please just remove the drones. They serve no other purpose than to anger people for getting killed all of a sudden from space.


Attack drones do not serve a single other purpose than toxic revenge killing. No one asked for them, no one wants them.


No naval fixes? Come on. I’m sure there are quite many naval stuffs that need to be fixed right now.

For example, when are Renown’s too high BR, missing armor, incorrect draft, and lack of HE-VT on the secondary guns going to get fixed? These are all properly reported and known issues btw.


The drones would be fine if they were researchable like Helicopters are, anyone who would have a vehicle of rank VII could research them. Right now theyre just free 2 revenge kills for everyone because everyone gets access to them :/.


Well at least they are now in br where most of the nations get good SPAA vehicles to easily kill them before they can do much harm. Before when you could have encountered them with 9.7 - 10.0 lineups there was very little you can do to them unless you have a plane

No, I have 10.0 lineup and they are still here.

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So that was just a “bug”!? Not a public response that forced marketing manager to fallback!? WOW

Not really. Helicopters have to spawn on the ground, and despite what people say they require a lot more skill to get work done compared to strike drones.


Indeed, it was a bug.

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Then that makes them no different from CAS and helicopters in Top Tier…

Except Helicopters have up to 16 missiles instead of 2 just 2.

except that helicopters and cas have to be researched (or bought). Drones at br around 10 were just boring. If you get killed by a CAS or a helicopter at 10 it’s still fair but not by the drone.
Finally we get rid of this drone problem which could not be adequately addressed at BR 10.0 by AA.
Great change.

Of course, I agree very much with the drone BR increase!

My reply was in regards to “just removing drones from the game”, not the BR increase which I agree with.

You complain about the drones, but they are harmless compared to the many planes with much more attack and movement capabilities, they are not the problem, the problem is the planes, too numerous and much more harmful to the tanks .

Maybe drones should be purchased as “premium” so you don’t hate them anymore? …

I don’t know where you got the idea that I dont hate planes in ground rb but, as an almost aa main player believe me I hate planes or helis as much as drones. :]

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But i wasnt talking about what helicopters can or cannot do and how much skill they require so why are you even pointing that out? I was saying the drones should be researchable in the same way as helis are in the terms of how you require certain rank to start researching them. I wasnt comparing the drones to them in terms of capabilities, so why are you even bringing up where helis can or cannot spawn?

Because even if you have to research them, they are still not fun to play against and two potentially free-kills for zero work. They are so braindead that they shouldn’t have been added to the game at all. The fact they have to keep increasing the BR which they appear shows they were a mistake imo.

Extremely frustrating to see orange(yellow for me) color on each crit while it should have this color only and ONLY if you set enemy on fire.
Green? - did gray was in mind!?

But you wouldnt meet that many of them because right now, theyre just a free pass into CAS for everyone that didnt even bother grinding any. And sure they werent fun to play against, what did you expect was going to happen when they added 21st century technology against stuff from Vietnam war era? Higher BR suits them more but my statement still stands, they should be researchable and not just a free CAS button.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.
The more those drones are pushed up the more useless they are and the less they are spawned.
Which is the best thing possible short of removing those awful things.
That is a excellent change.