Ground vehicles

  • Stormer HVM — a bug has been fixed where the missile was able to penetrate any obstacle at dart separation distance (app. 320 metres).
  • M4A4 (SA50) - a bug has been fixed that prevented damage to some modules of the ammo rack.
  • Dardo - thickness of the material of the coaxial machine gun has been reduced from 10 to 5 mm.
  • H.39 - animation in the Mle1938 shell data card has been fixed (report).
  • Char FCM 2C - the commander’s camera has been shifted to the commander’s cupola.
  • Freccia - fording depth has been increased.
  • QN506 - track thickness has been increased from 15 to 20 mm.
  • 9M133 ATGM - explosive’s type has been changed from A-IX-2 to OKFOL (report).


  • Mirage 20005-F, Mirage 2000D-R1, Mirage 2000C-S5 - a bug has been fixed that disabled the drag chute. The drag chute was available only with “Chaff/Flares” modification disabled.
  • SAAB AJ37 - a bug has been fixed where the drop tank was always visible in x-ray mode (report).
  • G.91 R/3 - a missing launcher for the AS-20 NORD missile has been restored (report).
  • Lancaster B.Mk.I, Lancaster B.Mk.III - icons in the secondary weapons menu have been fixed.
  • Tzefa B - AN/APR-39 radar warning system has been added.
  • Bf 109G-10 - a bug has been fixed where the 20mm MG 151 gun pods were always visible in xray mode (report).
  • A bug has been fixed that prevented helicopter pilots from automatic bailout after the timer expires while crash landing on the enemy helipad in Realistic ground battles.
  • A bug has been fixed which prevented automatic bailout after the timer expired in a critically damaged aircraft.


  • GIS 811 — The flag in the ship card has been changed from Italian Navy to postwar Italian Navy.
  • MC 485 — A bug where bridge armour wasn’t displayed has been fixed.


  • During aircraft events in Ground Arcade Battles, fighter pilots are no longer able to see markers of enemy ground vehicles. CAS pilots are still able to see enemy markers.
  • A bug where the cockpit of the aircraft could not be displayed when viewing a replay has been fixed.
  • A bug where clicking on the icon of a minimised promo block in the hangar did not lead to its opening has been fixed.
  • Erroneous appearance of the message about the possibility of repairing an ally when repairing allied ground vehicles was required for the helicopter pilot has been fixed.
  • A new category to allow you to complain about a player using bots has been added to the player complaints window.


  • Imbalance in the location of the air respawn points in the “[Conquest #2] Mozdok” mission has been fixed.
  • The defence zones of ground respawn points in the mission “[Battle] Abandoned City” have been corrected.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


Still no bug fix on Gepard 1A2: Gaijin.net // Issues

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Thank you for your serious efforts to combat BOTs.
I immediately looked at the BOT report category, but in a Japanese environment, a different category is translated as “BOTの使用” (meaning use of BOT).
Other languages also seem to be wrong. Please check.


We will check, thanks

Would have been nice had a link been posted in the ‘Development: Air Event’ article to the forum post and we actually had more than 24-36 hours give or take to discuss it.

I get what your trying to go for - but personally - I hate this blanket punishment nonsense. You want to go after the knuckleheads doing kamikaze attacks just for the sake of it for unsporting conduct or something, knock yourselves out. But when I spawn in a fighter - I go for the enemy planes first. Though, it’s sometimes almost pointless trying to defend the strike/bomber aircraft because either you give us planes too slow to catch the interceptors, or you give us a terrible position. It’s really fun when I end up in a not even late war piston engine plane and have to deal with a damn MiG-15 that just blows past me and eviscerates the bomber that’s also some WW2 prop plane that shouldn’t even see it.

And then once I’ve dealt with the planes trying to shoot down my ally - or more often, by the time I actually get a chance to go in an aircraft there’s no red’s spawning to oppose air strikes their mostly either A: several grouped in the back lines or spawn in SPAAG, B: trying to take back ground, or C: saving their points to spawn with their own strikes to hit us cause their struggling on the ground - so with no planes to shoot down yes, I target SPAAG’s if I can, especially open tops, because then instead of 5/5 SPAAG’s shooting at my teams attack aircraft, 1/5 or more start shooting at me so he can hit things while I at least make some use of my air spawn that is otherwise wasted. Which hey - you guys talk about realism, guess what, there are times fighters would roll in before other strikes strafing AA positions and all to suppress AA for slower attack aircraft and bombers. It was even more prevalent against ships which would also be a nice addition if strafing larger ships could result in crew loss and AA guns that would be vulnerable to MG’s/Cannons could be at least temporarily knocked out cause of it.

And then if no SPAAG’s, or I’m done that job - yeah, I look for light/open top vehicles my guns can deal with. I will on rare occasion target them before an SPAAG if it’s something like an SPG and certain light tanks that are basically SPG’s in a spot where our tanks will have trouble and can, or has been, racking up kills against us where we can’t flank them or haven’t been able to because I have an angle, ground team doesn’t, and depending on what spawned with what ammo cause you guys have some very weird choices for strike aircraft (F8F with 4 HVAR’s and a bomb, some of the others with only a couple rockets or seriously light bombs that might be useful against one light vehicle) - the strike aircraft’s ordnance that might be able to crack that IS or Tiger sitting by the cap or in some ambush spot is better used there, then taking out a light/open top that I can strafe with .50 cal’s, let alone the rare 20mm spawns for the same general effect.

I’m all for punishing knuckleheads - but your punishing us players who actually try to play as a member of our team too. You want to keep this change - fine, then I’m going to suggest that you might as well enact a more tactical nuclear option - remove fighters and interceptors entirely. Cause what’s the point of having them as an option if you might end up unopposed and then can’t do anything? I’ve seen interceptors ignore the bomber and other planes to do the same thing or once the air stuff is down try strafing too so really that should be counted as part of the problem too, and the real best solution so people aren’t being useless by taking fighters that they can’t do anything with, and just circling waiting for a match to end instead of helping - cause I’m sure that’ll be the next complaint, the best option really is to just remove the type. Make it so the only thing we can spawn in is attack planes and bombers, and lave it up to SPAAG’s and whatever anti-air/improvised anti-air guns the team has to take out aircraft to ensure that they only spawn in things useful to the ground game and objective since fighters now have zero use unless there are enemy planes in the air.

Mirage 2000 still dont have their chutes when you fly them with flares…so it doesnt seem to be fixed.

Ah yes an incredibly niche and essentially unknown stormer bug that was practically worthless gets fixed, yet the fact that it currently breaks lock on every flare, ATGM, rocket or otherwise is still not fixed.
Clearly this exceptionally specific bug was the priority for the stormer.

Would be good to know if reporting bots is now possible in the active match or if we still have to do the annoying way through the server replay.

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My complete tech trees (incl. all special vehicles) spreadsheet is updated to match 2.23 (only accurate atm for list & status of vehicles): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13bjEgsDhTjJhXt9N4fzIzvWa7cvy-KSDQc1HNNOZuaI/edit Contains probably all vehicles WT has published.

Great. Now please consider at least temporarily removing the “5 reports per 6 hours” limitation for bot reports in the game client. There are FAR too many bots right now for that limitation to make sense. I know you’re worried about false rage reports, but I’d argue that the sheer scale of the current botting issue makes the negatives of the limitation outweigh the positives. I don’t think anyone would rage report somebody for botting instead of cheating, anyways.

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