• Added Battle tasks for Tank and Aviation Simulation Battles.
  • Added a limitation on the duration of the Prandtl effect, as well as the interval between launches of this effect.

Ground Vehicles

  • Object 120 — the incorrect display of the material of the wooden ‘splasher’ has been fixed (report).
  • VFM5 — armouring of the lower frontal area has been fixed (increased from 6.35 mm to 38.1 mm). Earlier, due to the erroneous value, the tank might receive damage while being shot from a 12 mm machine gun (report).
  • STB-1, Type 74 (all versions), Type 87 — power output of the Mitsubishi 10ZF22WT engine has been corrected and is now 870 hp (report).
  • Leopard C2A1 MEXAS — maximum forward speed has been decreased from 66 km/h to 62 km/h; maximum reverse speed has been decreased from 26 km/h to 24 km/h (report).
  • Leopard C2A1 MEXAS — an error that caused the incorrect display in protection analysis mode has been fixed. When “Show external construction elements” had been toggled off, the grate of the engine-transmission compartment was not displayed, while the frontal ‘splashers’ and the pad on top of the turret were displayed (report).
  • Type 62, Type 63-I and ZTS63 — long distance spread of the Type-62-85-TC gun has been reduced (report).

Locations and Missions

  • [Pilotage] Mission for the training of aerobatic teams — an error that caused the Duisburg and Dortmund airfields to be absent from the location has been fixed (report).


  • An error that caused the “watch the battle” button, that allowed a player to watch a server replay, to not be displayed in the “messages” tab in the battle results has been fixed.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


Why the Prandtl effect prevents from seeing forward while it actually forms behind the pilot?! It should interfere while looking behind ONLY


Due to RB and AB, the 3rd person camera is placed behind the plane.

Thank the Lord they’re doing something about it, I’ve made multiple forum threads about this. Still not perfect, I would prefer if we could disable it altogether, but this is a nice change.


This doesn’t seem physically correct, to have no vapour cone, when slowing down below mach 1. Is this just a change because certain people get annoyed by the vapor cone?

The effect itself could have gotten some love, since the edges are still way too sharp when looking at it from 90 degress, the cone rotates with the aircraft’s rotation, the cone has the same size on all aircraft and there is still no wing vapour in sharp turns.

This should be improved and not artificially setting limits that make no sense (as much as I understand of physics).

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This is more physically correct. IRL the vapor cone may appear in different sizes or may not appear at all depending on altitude and humidity. Adding an interval gives some randomness to the effect instead of it appearing 100% of the time, and limiting the duration assures the effect doesn’t linger in the player’s FOV for the whole match.

IMO, the cone should be a toggleable graphics setting, it doesn’t even render for other players, it’'s nonsense that we have to put up with it at all.

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anyone have fps stuttering after this update?

Type 87 Spaa Engine has not been updated to the 870hp engine. Still has the 720 HP rated engine. I think you guys forgot to change it lol.

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Exactly. The solution should be slightly different from what we have. Plus I am wating for helicopter rotor vapors and model of condensation in high AoA pulls.


For some reason this update fails to mention that the Type 75 SPH, MLRS, SUB-I-II, Type 61 and ST-A3 all also got updated engine power.

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The implementation of the Battle Pass into Sim ground modes already exposed an issue: certain functions of ground vehicles are not available in Sim, specifically the Scouting ability on light tanks. So when you get the task “One Step Ahead” you cannot complete it in Simulator Ground battles.

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