Ground vehicles

  • SANTAL — A bug that caused the wave deflector to not rise in water has been fixed.
  • SANTAL — A bug that caused damaged launchers to disappear from the visual model has been fixed (report).
  • KV-2 (1939) — The position of the historical sight camera has been corrected to match the gunner optics location (report).
  • LVT(A)(4) (ZiS-2) — The position of the frontmost armour plate has been fixed. This bug might lead to an incorrect display of the armour joints on the camouflage.
  • Type 62 — A bug that led to stretching of the camouflage on the rear armour plate has been fixed.
  • CV9030FIN — A bug that caused the smoke grenade to ‘hang’ near the right side mortar instead of inside it has been fixed (report).
  • Magach 3 — Asynchronous rotation of the commander’s turret and anti-aircraft machine gun has been fixed. Due to this bug, tracers and shot effects could appear in the air (report).


  • La-11 — Inaccuracies in the model have been corrected. Holes at the wing ends have been added. Wires from fuselage to elevators have been removed.
  • Sea Vixen F.A.W. Mk.2 — A bug where the hook would not cling to the finisher has been fixed.
  • Short term change of the game brightness during the supersonic speed transition effect has been fixed.
  • A bug where the supersonic speed transition effect could hide the afterburner flame has been fixed.
  • UH-1C XM-30 — Information about the type and explosive mass of the 30mm AP shells has been added to the protection analysis.
  • Mirage 2000 (all modifications) — The display now shows the distance to the captured target.


  • Icons of the modifications for the ships “Damage Control Division” and “Fire Division” have been updated.


  • Visual problems in the “Iberian Castle” location have been fixed.
  • Flickering of the location textures which could occur in the tank sight has been fixed.


  • Indication of received new decals and decorations in the customization menu has been added.


  • The frequency balance in the game’s sound mix has been corrected making positioning of the sound sources in space more readable.
  • New sounds of ricochettes from ground vehicle hulls have been added.
  • Balance between the volume of engines and wheels of ground vehicles has been corrected so that wheels will not sound much louder than engines.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


Is the smoke shells problem fixed???

When is the damage model and penetration calculator realistic? I think it’s time to correct these two biggest problems in the game.

Good. Can i also hope to see the merkava MK1/MK2 engine bug fixed anytime soon? The engine clipping inside the metal plate behind it is quite a survivability nerf and is here since those tank were event veichles in 2020

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Any plans to tweak mach cloud so it’s not obstructing the view? I mean “pilot” doesn’t fly in third person view so why player has to suffer this annoyance when trying to line up a shot? High tier planes that bearly hit mach and hold it get constant mach cloud effect that not add any value to gameplay only adds frustration. Someone will say “slow down” or “speed up” but that’s not the case since there’re situations prevent to do so. All I ask is for more toned down mach cloud effect that is more transparent, I pefer to lose “realistic” effect than gameplay to suffer.


i believe that you should fix the rocket trajectory … one rocket that leave the tube dont fall off… but go straight … as leaving. what i mean… if the i-tow missile goes on the ground… in a straight line… when is used over a hummer… or on the shoulders of the person… they will never make it in production… but for some reason… on 901 you aim somewhere and goes other site… thats something that makes the rocket unusable… and has not the effect… as the MGM-51B Shillelagh that for some reason… lick the ground… even you aim high and in range … to do so… only unaffected missiles where the russians…again…
thats make even weaker the other nations… vs russia… the reworked ATGM in that patch was a full Failure sorry …

When will you fix MIG 27 not being able to lock laser missiles on targets?