Ground vehicles

  • Gun Carrier (3-in) — armouring of the frontal part of the vehicle cabin has been fixed.
  • Type 10 — armouring of the gunner’s sights has been fixed.
  • TKX — armouring of the vehicle hull has been fixed.
  • leKPz M41 — armouring of the shoulders of the turret has been fixed.
  • Leopard 2A4, Leopard 2 (PzBtl 123), Strv 121, Leopard 2 PL, Leopard 2A4 (Fin) — armouring of the shoulders of the turret has been fixed, placement of the gunner has been fixed.
  • ZTZ99-III — armouring of the driver’s hatch has been fixed.
  • ZTZ96, ZTZ96A, ZTZ96A (P) — armouring of the commander’s turret has been fixed.
  • SARC MkIVa — animation of the turning wheels has been fixed.


  • Fw 189 A-1 — gunner model has been fixed.


  • RN Duilio — gun turret model has been fixed.


  • An error that caused the sounds of allied/enemy ground vehicles to be muted or too quiet has been fixed.
  • The sound of the engines of ground vehicles of allies/enemies has been corrected in order to maximise their priority in comparison to other sounds.
  • An error that caused engine sounds of allies/enemies to sometimes sound distorted has been fixed.
  • Clarity of sounds of wheels and engines of allies/enemies has been improved.
  • Clarity of sounds of aircraft engines of allies/enemies has been improved.
  • An error that caused the volume of the radio click that every team message begins with to not correlate to the volume of the messages set in the game options has been fixed.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


The position of the Begleitpanzer and Radkampfwagen in the German tech tree is still not changed, this was promised for the last major update La Royale, nothing changed since

That was in the last economic update before the Gaijin rollback. I think that sorts of features can was stay even if the other changes are abandonned…

i’m still not able to listen to the new crew sounds, i have made a bug report but it still to be acknowledged, i have played with the volume sliders and made a file verification via Steam twice but it didn’t fix the issue, here is the link for the bug report: Gaijin.net // Issues

What changes were actually made to this, do we know?

Why are you able to adjust the sound of your engine and the sound of someone else’s engine separately?
If you are going for esport, the sound should be adjusted equally.

@Stona_WT How about have them fix the thermals, it’s still an issue over a week later. Everything is gray, can’t see anything to shoot at. Bug report employee asking for more pics when I uploaded like 8 pictures that show perfectly the problem. It’s the same problem as 4 months ago in March.


Already asked Smin, those changes are supposed to come with summer rp changes when vehicles get foldered

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how long till that two months or less?

hard to say best guess is a month, they already start changing repair costs and giving out free flares /chaff with the most recent patch todaya, you can see datamines in reddit

“* AJ 37, AJS 37, Buccaneer S. Mk. 2, MiG-23M, Tornado G.R. Mk. 1, Tornado IDS (GER, IT) : Loadout changed : Flares / Chaff : Now available stock”

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