(Upcomming) Fox 3 Rwr in War Thunder

If you soft lock(lock with TWS) an enemy, and shoot a fox 3. Will the enemy get a hardlock RWR / Launch warning or will the RWR recieve just soft lock till the fox 3 goes pitbull?

No, TWS locks do not ping RWR currently.


TWS acts like search only radar such as on SPAA, you can get RWR ping for the scan rotation but nothing else as it is a software lock.
As such, a FOX-3 launched via TWS will not trigger an RWR launch warning unless the launch aircraft uses STT lock after launching the missile (for whatever reason).

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As stated above. The aim54 is a fox3 so you should have some experience with how they work vs rwr

No, TWS will only display as a regular ping even when launching. You will only get a missile warning at around ~18km before impact when the missiles own radar locks you.

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No bc all f14 players just tws, lock, shoot, next. Instead of keep softlock till impact

Why would you keep a soft lock until impact? The active radar kicks in within 16km.

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Because i thought if you keep softlock till impact the enemy rwr doesn’t go off, but i didn’t know the missile always goes pitbull no matter if you radar lock till impact or not