Unusual Crash

I got the problem in squadron battles, that my games closes, the sec I’m in the tank select screen.
This problem appears at random. Its not because of certain maps.
I tried deleting my Cache, updating Windows, updating my graphic card, repaired the game, uped my graphic settings, tried ULQ. Nothing works.
Maybe someone here can help me.


P.S. I deinstall and reinstall the game it doesnt helped.

Have the same problem… the strange thing is when i play the event mode with the “West-Side” i can play… but with the “East-Side” Crash to Desktop when i want to pick a vehicle…

Does it just close the game too?
Like no crash report or something, like if you would press Alt-F4?

yes, it completly closes your game no error message no message saying its crashed it just shuts down warthunder and putsyou to desktop

Same issue here, every 5-6 games. Please fix…
When i then restart the game and click back to session it kicks me out again.
So i cant join in that game at all until its finished…

I have the same problem, the game crashes when I try to choose the vehicle, it has happened to me more than 5 times in a row without leaving any message or report