Untrusted system file

It all started when I launched the game and saw an error: Untrusted system file (Path to dll file in System32 folder). I watched a lot of videos to solve this problem. One of them advised me to delete the files in the Certifications folder. I did it, launched the game, everything worked, but when I decided to go into battle, the game crashed and a new error appeared: EAC index not found. I tried a lot of things, including deleting the EasyAntyCheat folder and checking the integrity of the game files; reinstalling the game (I use Steam). Nothing helped, the Untrusted system file error appeared again. Please help me with this problem, I will be very grateful.

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Best but delete everything like make sure eac and wt is fully unistalled and then reinstall

It didn’t help. The same error Untrusted system file

Some MSVC++ files are "semi-white listed

If the error persist, there might be a missing file, or a file that contains the signature marks that makes the system "white listed. It either got deleted by the system in one of the updates or updated by the video drivers. EAC will need to white list the file so it will not be mistaken for an untrusted system file.

Check your drivers. If not, look it up in the MSVC++ library and see if you can download it again.

If it persist, Uninstall EAC and reinstall again.

If still persisting, contact EAC support. They are known to be slack.

EAC causes more problems for players than it solves.

I did not quite understand what exactly I should install. I also reinstalled EAC several times, but it didn’t help