Unstable gunner's sight

PS5 gaming platform, realistic ground mode.
For a couple of days, while aiming with the gunner’s sight, the cannon barrel doesn’t remain stable, but moves on its own and wobbles, as if corrections are being made with the controller sticks. I’m not sure if it could be an internet connection issue, but I don’t have problems with aircraft or other tank view modes, or if it’s a bug, or if I have an issue with the controller, which is relatively new (1 year), and doesn’t cause problems in other circumstances. "I don’t know if it’s a problem that I have alone or if other players are experiencing it too. Thanks.

On what vehicle?

Basically any tank.

In these days, I’ve been playing in relaxed matches with medium to low battle ratings. I’ve encountered issues with vehicles like the Breda 501, the M24 (which is always fun to use at any BR), the Italian Sherman Firefly, and so on. On the other hand, I haven’t had any issues with the M42 (AA) or with planes like the P-47, Il-10, or BF109 F4. However, I use a mouse and keyboard for planes, while I use a gamepad for tanks.

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Can you show a video of what’s happening, so I don’t misinterpret what you mean?

Thank you for your interest, but the issue has been resolved, it was probably just an internet connection issue.