Unplayable game

I don’t know where to put this, the problem in question is that since the event is active the game has been worse, it doesn’t mean that it was great before but now it is unplayable, you have problems and if the minition doesn’t disappear it just crashes, it’s already happened to me I shot a BMP-2M with a Leopard 2A6 and it just disappeared and this is how a literal team is completely wiped out of the battle without giving a single casualty to the opposing team, how crazy this is and I don’t want to talk about the massive amount of people using hacks and wall hacks, I am a content creator for the game and these are things that I don’t want to put in the videos but if they don’t solve this, it won’t matter to me that you show the reality of the game, it really is unplayable.

Can you show the replay? I didn’t encounter vanishing shells in some time

It’s happened to me plenty of times. Specifically last night I had the dart disappear but the petals hit the tank. It even showed it in the hit replay. Legit the dart dead center of the tank, no hit to be found, but the petals hit lol. I’d have to go through 20-30 games for the last night to find it, so I won’t be doing that. I didn’t expect to find a thread like this because I just joined the forums to see about a different issue and find out there’s so many threads of people experience the same issues as me

This doesn’t even include the amount of back to back ghost shells I get. I like the game, but this annoys me to no end. It’s crazy because even OTHER players seemingly react to it.

Like if a shell wasn’t supposed to have happened and I get another one, then why does the other player act as if it did. For example, I’ll shoot, the shot doesn’t register, starts to reload, then goes red and I can shoot again. Except, when I made my first shot, the other tank will then roll out from around the corner, and then I get a better vantage point of the side of their tank. Which makes no sense to me, because they do exactly what I would do if I saw a shot and it didn’t kill me, I push them since they have no defense… but I get a second try cuz of ghost shell.

Why else would the roll out of cover the minute I shoot and they’re unharmed unless they saw it too?