Unofficial vehicle's data API

Hi everyone! I’m happy to announce that an API I developed to fetch data about in-game vehicles has finally reached a stable status. It basically allows to retrieve almost all the information you could find on the official wiki but in a programmatic way. Note that the wiki is updated by players and not frequently. I try to update the data every big/major update.
I know it’s something that not everyone might use but it could be helpful to someone and also posting it here is better than on the subreddit.
The API can be found on GitHub at this link .

PS. If interested in testing some other war thunder related tools feel free to send me a message!


This is extremely impressive. Well done. This is super super cool and very impressive.

Thank you!

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I love the projects people in this community are able to accomplish. The WT Wiki app someone made, this, I really love all of these cool projects.

Okay, I might be a little slow. Can someone help figure out how to use this? I’m trying on my phone right now, so if that’s it just tell me so I can go try on my computer. Thanks!

Hi! Sure I can help you. Basically just head over the documentation page here and you will be able to “try out” the API by editing the filters.

Oh cool, thanks!

Version 3.0.0 just dropped!

  • Thermal and IR devices data.
  • Localization strings for better displaying names.
  • Ballistic computers data.
  • Vehicle versioning: ability to compare differences across different major updates.