Unobtainable Beginner Vehicles

I do not see the reasoning to gatekeep beginner Vehicles that are Rank 1 and 2 by making them “directly activated on the account only”.
Such vehicles should be accessible to the newbies for whom they are introduced in the first place.

Ka-Chi, Toldi(?), Summer Extreme German Car, french LVT etc all should be market or premiums at the very least. Currently they just completely miss the point of being beginner vehicles. If I was a player who started this year or somewhen 2022, I would maybe not even know that any of those vehicles exist, despite them being at the Rank I would start at.

Please change that.

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i would really like to get my toldi back as i got it on console and the moved over to pc, same with the LVT, just make it so i can buy them in the gaijin marketplace and we’ll be good

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So you just want rare vehicles? That makes them common. They are event vehicles (mostly), their point is to be an uncommon vehicle for people who participated in events to play.

i get that, maybe make it so players that moved from console to pc can get their premiums/event vehicle on thier pc account

well if you did the transferring account thing then you’d have them wouldn’t you

i get that, but a lot of the other event vehicles you can get off gaijin market, why can i not get the toldi or the other hungarian event/premiums. thats the part that confuses me

I’m not sure, gaijin decides to put some for sale and others not, it’s just how gaijin does things

just always been strange to me though

It is strange, but ig we just got to deal with it