Unlinking Xbox account

Hello im writing this because i was always refenced to the old forum to unlink my xbox account so i can have a pc account with out losing my progress and im wondering why their wasnt a forum page for that. I just want to know when i will be able to unlink my account any answer would do i want my freedom.


since the old forum got renamed the thread is now found here…

though i don’t know if this is going to be kept updated (doubt it =/). i guess at some point a new thread will be opened here on the new forum or once the transfer is opened / available again there will be a notification. or you keep the support message bookmarked to see if it is getting updated (or the link provided in that message gets a new link to this forum)

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I understand it is alo in the interest of Gajin to have us, Xbox players, within the PC market place. As they will make more money. Might it be that some rights etc. are involved?
Whatever it is, it is a shame there is no clear answer from Gajin about this subject. What the reason is, even if it is just the priority it would be nice to know. As in the end we are ‘paying’ customers.

Besides this it would help us players to know when it will finally happen. Even if it is not on the calendar for now, it would be nice to know to have a rough indication. Like not this year,… etc. Because for some of us it can be a valid choice to just start over. I’m pretty new to this game and only know about this ‘issue’ after spending some money. Still if I know that the unlinking can take 2 years,… well I’ll just start over.

So please,… mod/admin/develop get us some solid info regarding this subject. Thanks!


It would be nice to get this up and going again, I have an Xbox account that I grinded for ages and purchased some premium vehicles.
I have a PC now and started all over again, just to get access to the Gajin store and get better discounts. I feel the console players (Xbox as I don’t know what PS5 gets) miss out on a lot of good discounts. If Gajin had the same discount and sales across all platforms at the same time then this would keep the players from jumping ships all the time.
Or just open the door 2 or 3 times a year and allow people to transfer their accounts, this will ease the pressure of transferring.
The depressing part of all of this is I’m more reluctant to play because I’m faced with grinding out the same tech trees that I have already done on the Xbox, so I’m playing other games more now in the hope that one day when the door opens, I can merge the two together and continue the grind.

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Still no update, such a shame. Guess it is simply not important enough for them. Too bad for us,…

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i Still have Hope ,

Last year, they opened up the transfer in december right ?
So, I’ll loose hope in Spring 2024. Until then, i stay hopeful for changes

When you unlink you dont get to keep your Premium vehicles if they were a pack. Anything bought with GL would come over. Ive bought premiums and would hate to loose that but i play more on my pc now than i do my xbox. They only open it up for like a week to get in the request. PS players also get the option to unlink at the same time. It may be a license deal with Microsoft and Sony to limit account unlinked due to loss of revenue for them, dont know this for sure but it makes more sense than thinking the snail likes to give cuts of its revenue to other companies. I hope it opens up again so i have access to the market place.

Unfortunately still no info. I send them an email with the request to give at least some information about the subject.
I still only received; sorry not at this time.

It is a shame,… I’m just checking in from time to time to see if there is any news.


Lmk if you hear anything please

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Another month has past and still nothing. A real shame, how hard is it to just give an update?? Only so we know how long it might take. Maybe we can wait for another year,… than it might make sense to just start over.

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I would love to have some info on this as I am dying to get on the marketplace, sadly I have put way to much progress into the game on my xbox account of pc. I already transfered my account onto pc but I would like to have a pc account so that I can access the marketplace. I would love info about this if it able to be done or how to ask for it. Thank you a lot

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Gaijin has to come up with a solution for this, it’s a mistake that hurts players…

It’s true, this needs to be resolved.

Well keep your hopes up,… but in most cases; hope is just delayed disappointment.

I’ve send them multiple emails and got the same reply every time; Basically; at this time not possible, sorry for the inconvenience.

Nothing else, I even stopped playing because of it and checking every month. There is probably a valid reason for them. At least share something with your community.

True, gaijin needs to listen and improve, we need the necessary updates so that customers, whatever the platform, PC, PSN, Xbox, have the right to use their accounts in the format that suits them, since being a customer has their rights denied because of an atualization …

People also want to mention it here; It is finally happening again!!!

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Its now avalible!

are they still not accepting new requests?

There’s link a couple of posts above saying that we do.

I’ve honestly think I’m out of luck. I haven’t had access to my email that’s linked to my account since last year and the email I WANT to use is apparently already linked to a lvl 1 account on War Thunder because I played Enlisted with it. I have much progress on my xbox account and switching it to PC is something I dream for everytime I play.