Account transfer for PS5 and XBOX users

When will it be available again? suddenly all information about it has vanished.

they have said there is no set date for when it will be available again and its kinda on their backburner/ not a priority but you can look at the old formum here

I am afraid i can’t accept third party sources as valid, is the source of truth for all war thunder related topics as per TOS.

look at teh official news and develomment tap there you can see a tab call new updated formum click that and there in the comments will be a link to the old formum from there search up the xbox unlinking chat thing and youll see their response saying so

I’ll patiently await for an official response on the matter that isn’t part of a deprecated and unused archive.

@gromvoiny should we check for news about transfers from here or are you going to open a new discussion thread for that?

We’ll see when it’s ready to be reopened

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Blud thinks he’s a developer 💀


I understand it is alo in the interest of Gajin to have us, Xbox players, within the PC market place. As they will make more money. Might it be that some rights etc. are involved?
Whatever it is, it is a shame there is no clear answer from Gajin about this subject. What the reason is, even if it is just the priority it would be nice to know. As in the end we are ‘paying’ customers.

Besides this it would help us players to know when it will finally happen. Even if it is not on the calendar for now, it would be nice to know to have a rough indication. Like not this year,… etc. Because for some of us it can be a valid choice to just start over. I’m pretty new to this game and only know about this ‘issue’ after spending some money. Still if I know that the unlinking can take 2 years,… well I’ll just start over.

So please,… mod/admin/develop get us some solid info regarding this subject. Thanks!

ps. Double post, sorry, but it seems there are 2 topics covering this subject.

Unlinking Xbox account - Community Technical Support - War Thunder — official forum


Hi folks, Hope everyone’s day is going well,

Yeah I hope they’re going to at least say something about this. Maybe not even this summer, because of all the changes regarding the economy of the game, but soon enough. I really went too far into the grind to abandon now and recreate an account, and i think many of you are in the same case. Let’s just hope some news at mid/late fall at least…


Still nothing,… not even if it will be discussed to be on the agenda in the future,…

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Well,… sorry another post, because no reaction, no update from Gaijn. For all we know we could wait another year and for some it might than be best to just start over.
How hard is it to simply inform your community?

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Sorry for bumping this topic as well, but would be a shame if someone would miss this. So please forgive me.

More important: It is happening!!!

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