Unlinking PS4 Account

I originally started playing WarThunder when it came out on the PS4 years ago, but a few years back I was able to get a PC and I swapped my account over to it and etc. I’ve seen store sales on Steam for 50% and I was going to buy some packs but when I logged into the gajin store, there was no sale.

Another popped up recently and looking at what gajin put out on steam it says " Note! The offer is available to PC users only." Yet I’ve been playing on PC for years now…


its been 3 months since unlinking has been down and the staff just refer to the unlink article fourms (dont exist anymore) and the main instruction page that states that its at a halt, whats happening? I wanna play my warthunder on pc and my ps4 is gone


Same for me. And I dont want to create a new account.
I wanna spend money on packs but they wont let me.
Now nobody knows when or if this option will ever come back…

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I started playing WarThunder in 2018, after the pandemic I decided to buy the PC and since then I’ve been playing with my Playstation’s linked account on the PC, it’s disgusting not being able to have access to important things like the Gaijin Store, and we can’t unlink it for now

You can for the last 2 weeks.

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