Unlinking PS4 Account

I originally started playing WarThunder when it came out on the PS4 years ago, but a few years back I was able to get a PC and I swapped my account over to it and etc. I’ve seen store sales on Steam for 50% and I was going to buy some packs but when I logged into the gajin store, there was no sale.

Another popped up recently and looking at what gajin put out on steam it says " Note! The offer is available to PC users only." Yet I’ve been playing on PC for years now…


its been 3 months since unlinking has been down and the staff just refer to the unlink article fourms (dont exist anymore) and the main instruction page that states that its at a halt, whats happening? I wanna play my warthunder on pc and my ps4 is gone

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Same for me. And I dont want to create a new account.
I wanna spend money on packs but they wont let me.
Now nobody knows when or if this option will ever come back…