Unlink PSN bound account

Hello dear Gaijin Team and hello readers! The last unlink of an PSN bound account was nearly an year ago, me and many other people think, that the option, to unlink your account should be brought back. I personally sold my Playstation some months ago and i got no option to buy any premium days ect.
I hope, that some member see this post and react to it. And we hopefully get the option back.

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You can purchase GE in PC store and then buy premium account from the hangar.

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Really? Iam on PC with an Playstation account. Normally i dont have access to the PC store.

It actually works thanks. Does it work with pre ordering pack premiums too? Would still be nice to have the unlink feature again. So we can have the Marketplace too

Is there any option to use the market or purchase packs for those of us in similar situations waiting for the unlinking to return?

Not until unlinking is made possible again.

since there is no longer this forum https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/509207-unlinking-psn-bound-account/page/51/ does that mean we can finally get our accounts to pc? I’m trying to buy vehicles but unable till the unlinking is possible like i’m sure hundreds of others are.

It may open again next year, follow this forum please.

i requestet 24. december to unlink and 26. december you stopped it.
it’s so depressing

@gromvoiny I am sorry, but “may open again next year” is unacceptable response, especially for paying customers who started at PSN many years ago and moved to PC. You have suspended ability to migrate PSN account long time ago and provided absolutely no solution, no timelines, just “maybe”. This is not how you should treat your customers.

I really like and enjoy(ed?) WarThunder but I think I have choice but to move to other sim games. Especially after recently broken shaking camera bug.

Is there any news on a date when we will be able to unlink from PSN?

There’s a pinned post Transfer of console-created accounts now available (suspended)

Hello sir ! I had post a request of unlinking PSN account a month ago. Its normal to waiting for months ? Actually i have a cdk waiting to use . If waiting another month the vehicle may get a discount… thats a sad story