Unique vehicles are no longer being added

Hold on, I understand that modelling new vehicles takes time, but it’s disappointing. While we’ve seen some intriguing additions like the Leopard 2A7 and Strv 122B+, the absence of representation for lesser-known vehicles, particularly armoured cars and SPAAs, is glaring. These vehicles not only add diversity but also introduce new strategic elements to gameplay.

Furthermore, rather than modelling vehicles that align with a nation’s historical production, we’re handed Band-Aids to heal a severed hand, in the form of copy-paste additions. Playing with vehicles like the Panzer IV or T-34 in Sweden feels about as original as… (insert appropriate analogy).

I’m particularly keen on seeing more armoured cars and SPAAs of various types. However, I’m open to other suggestions for expanding the game’s vehicle roster. Fellow players are welcome to voice their frustrations and wishes regarding the current line-up, and let’s hope for more thoughtful additions in the future.


I wish


AFAIK didn’t they hired some “freelance” modellers to model stuff many months ago?

IIRC most of the modelling and maps stuff, everything but the core game engine is done by contractors.

Only the 3D models. All the functionality is done by Gaijin. Contracting out 3D models like this is industry standard. Why do y’all act like Gaijin is unique for this.

I’m also pretty sure Gaijin actually models the maps, but I could be wrong on this.

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more than unique vehicles im hoping for fixes on the current ones. adding unique vehicles wont do any good if theyre poorly modeled

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I’d be happy if they got the crew figures right instead of cut n’ pasting clones around.

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Yea, like uniforms that relates to that era, and quite honestly better human models wouldnt hurt either

Time appropriate uniforms are in the 2024 roadmap IIRC

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