Unique Leopard 1 Prototype at CFB Shilo

The other week I went to CFB Shilo to visit the Royal Canadian Artillery Museum and I stopped by a small green space (located in the middle of Shilo) that had an LAV III and a really odd looking Leopard 1. The Leopard 1 was there as there used to be the German Army Training Establishment Shilo (GATES) which was help to train German forces here in Canada (which was primarily used as a tanker training facility), as Canada had/has good relations with Germany especially during the cold war.
^ Patch for the training grounds
According to the Leopard club it’s a pre-production Series-0 turret has been mounted on a prototype Series II hull.

A few photos I took of the tank on my way out of the base:

^ I have 0 clue what this says

More information/Photos on the Leopard 1 at Shilo:

More information on the German training facility:

Photos of German crews at the training facility:



The plaque reads:

“Presented for 10 years of exemplary Canadian - German cooperation by Federal Minister of Defence Dr. Manfred Woerner on the occasion of his visit to the CFB SHILO on the 27th and 28th of July 1983.”

“James sucks”

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And what is actually its uniqueness, except for the pre-production tower?

That is genuinely neat. Thanks for the post.

I just noticed there are 2 typos on the plate. It sayes “kanadish - deutche” > canadian - german. But the correct words would be kanadisch - deutsche. Did someone with a heavy dialect made it? Didnt anyone check it?

I would have 0 clue as the first time I’ve been to Shilo was this summer.

No, i mean when they made the plate.