Unimog U25 Flak 54, Swiss coldwar AA truck

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caid’s suggestion #50

I would like to suggest an early Swiss gun truck, the Unimog U25 Flak 54


this image was probably flipped from left and right

The Unimog U25 Flak 54 (unofficial name) was a Unimog U25 Serie 2010 that was converted by the firm Oerlikon-contrive to carry a 20mm Oerlikon fliegerabwehr Kannon 54 as it was often used as a static defense, this truck is a purely defensive vehicle that was created to give more mobility to the air defense and allow faster deployment of the anti-air coverage. the modification was simple, a static mount was simply installed on the cargo deck of the truck and all was done. the truck was not a mobile anti-aircraft gun. this modification was made as a private venture and very likely intended to promote the flexibility of the Oerlikon’s weapons to the Swiss army who was one of the main customers. the Swiss army was the main user of the Flak 54 and also used hundreds of Unimog trucks.




the armament was identified as the 20mm Oerlikon fliegerabwehr Kannon 54 which was a modern post-war auto-cannon. the gun features a pretty high fire rate and velocity which make it pretty effective against ground and air targets. the gun also features a pretty good penetration which is superior to the WW2 rounds and a high elevation. this gun’s main use was only anti-air defense but some ammunition allowed it to be used against ground targets as well with some interesting effects.


The weight of This vehicle is not known. but the gun and truck is known. we can calculate the weight as follows

  1. weight of the truck = 1.7 t (in working order)
  2. weight of the gun with mount = 360 kg
  3. weight of additional crew (2 men) = 120 kg
  4. weight of the ammunition (300 rounds) = about 100 kg

Altogether it gives a weight of about 2.3 tonnes which is one of the lightest vehicles that could be in the game. but while to be extremely light, the vehicle also features an extremely weak engine. with a 1.8 L OM636.914 I4 engine giving only 34 hp, this vehicle will have difficulty even breaking a wood fence in-game. it would barely be capable to move of 10cm of the wreckage of a light tank even at full speed. but obstacle aside, this vehicle will have a pretty nice mobility when it does not hit a tree or a wall. power weight of 15.45 hp/ton is still pretty good for a wheeled vehicle and makes this truck have a pretty nice off-road mobility which was one of the main features of this vehicle. with the extremely lightweight and good power-weight, this truck will still fare pretty well on soft ground compared to other trucks. but the top speed is not impressive with 53 km/h forward, it would not break the record of speed but the acceleration would still make it feel fast.


if you expect this truck to have armor, it has about nothing. the truck has an open cabin. the wooden wall on the deck and exposed crew. it has about nothing that can help to survive a volley of LMG flying in his direction. the truck does have a sort of turret, the turret sees his gunner fully exposed behind the gun. but with some luck, the gun may sometimes bloc a bullet flying in his direction. hull is made of steel which is probably around 3mm thin (not even enough against LMG) but also the cabin is made of a fordable fabric which would not have any effect on any bullets that would decide to fly inside. the crew would probably include 3 men. One would be the driver. one would be the gunner and the last one would be the commander sitting next to the driver.








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