Unban appeal

Hello everyone,
Following an update concerning bots, I was shocked to discover that my WT account had been permanently banned for “cheat”. This account I had since 2014 was hacked by a Russian apparently, and no longer having my email address from back then I was unable to change the password. It’s absolutely essential for me to get my account back for the time, energy and money I invested in it. This account is linked to my steam account with which I logged in here, so it shouldn’t be complicated to deban it and reset my password.

Thank you for your understanding, if you need more information about me please contact me by private message.

Community can’t help you here. You need to contact custumer support.


Where can I find the support ?

“hacked by a Russian apparently”.
Real classy. Hopefully for your sake, when they review your replays, your cheating won’t be too obvious. For our sake, I hope it is obvious.


Well, they can look at the ip adress location, i’m from france, i have no reason to go to russia to play WT somehow lol

A forum post is not the place for this. Suggest a PM to one of the following:



Account ban appeals are done via Gaijin Support:

Hope this helps :)