The jets that have came into WT have been very unfair , not once has the F-15A had something to keep it with the SU-27. The SU-27 can carry stock R-73’s while the F-15A can only carry AIM-9L stock , has it not been realised yet that top tier you cant do anything without a IRCCM missile.

The unfair advantage of the SU-27 is insane , the SU-27 has 10 MISSILES while the F-15A has 8 missiles but the difference in performance is unmeasurable. The SU-27 can carry 6 R-27ER’s while the F-15A can carry 4 AIM-7M , its has been a year since R-27ER’s were added and not once USA was given a counter to them. The 2-4-6 R-73’s the SU-27 can carry is unbelievably unfair , the SU-27 can use all of the R-73’s potential because of its Helmet Mounted System while the F-15A cant even get off a missile before the SU-27 had launched.

The SU-27 has an advantage of having the double range of the AIM-7M with the R-27ER , it also has the TWS mode while the F-15A doesn’t. Its been a year since this long range radar missile has been added and NOT once has Gaijin thought to add a counter or to nerf the missile.

To keep the game popular and not have people raging on the forums and getting banned , consider changing the BR’s for the new jets , changing the missiles for each jet , give the jets their respected missiles aswell. If not Air RB will be a spam of R-73’s that cant be evaded by one person who thought to shoot 6 R-73’s at a jet that cant even fire half of those missiles at once.


I agree that 6 R-27ER’s is wild, but you said there is no counter to them, where is the counter to the AIM-54? you could say fly low, but you can also fly low for R-27ER. Plus i know the sparrows lack in compaison to R-27ER, but cant the F-14 carry like 8 sparrows? let russia have something for once man…


russia had the advantage of the r27er for almost 1 year now and gaijin still hasnt done anything wdym by “let russia have something for once man”


You can outmanoeuvre an AIM-54 , the point of the AIM-54 was to be a bomber hunter missile , the amount of sparrows dont count for the amount of ER’s a russian jet has , the AIM-7’s are inferior to the ER and now they get triple of the same op radar missile since last year.


F-16’s dominate top tier. for now MiG’s could only carry two of them, meanwhile USA gets like 8 sparrows

2 ER??? im saying i agree that 6 is fucking crazy, but the max was always two if im correct

MIG29smt is alot better in Top tier than the f16c right now. Longer range missiles, TVC Fox2’s with pretty good irccm + hmd.

8 Sparrows? Theres no jet that can carry that amount of AIM-7’s , do you really think the AIM-7’s are superior the 100KM+ radar missiles that can rarely be dodged and having great speed at the point where cranking isnt possible.

bro what???

sorry *6 sparrows

Even 2 ER’s is insane , the BR’s need to raised higher so F-4’s from the 60’s cant be facing a jet from the 80’s with advanced air to air missiles.


the F-16 is better in every aspect apart from two good missiles

I honestly agree with this, F-4’s and MiG-23’s do not need to be fighting MiG-29’s and F-16’s

Surprise surprise, 2 really superior missiles per plane are usually enough to win the battle as team. Its pretty much 2 free kills.

i dont know what kinda lobbies you are playing in but from my experience the mig29smt is alot better than the f16c except in a guns only dogfight(which happens very rarely at top tier)

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The F-16C only wins in having a better flight performance and better CAS but thats it , the MIG-29SMT
has the A2A superiority sorted out.

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fly low is all im gonna say, the missile is really fucked at treetop level, only gotten kills with the ER from people climbing stupid high and people who got out of a dogfight to gain alt

Flying low was made so radar missiles can be evaded instead of cranking and notching , this was proven to be true by Smin1080p. The missiles are messed up right now…

most of the time in my lobbies it turn into fire radar missile, miss or get kill, then go close to get IR missile kill or gun kill

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That’s the problem , it doesn’t involve skill or anything anymore , its just first see , first kill.