Unable to properly load into the hanger on MacOS (Again)

Ever since the update alpha strike was released everyone seems to be having issues in their own right, however at least on my end trying to login on a MacBook Air the issues I have had are particularly concerning, as it seems to be the same sort of issue that existed prior that prevent the game from being playable on a MacBook which was never addressed until the next major update. The issue itself is that I can get as far as the login screen through the game launcher like normal but loading into the hanger is impossible now as the screen freezes either loading the hanger or the loading screen itself while the game is still make noise like normal, however the game is not particularly “crashing” as I can still hear the buttons I am clicking which means everything seems otherwise “functional”.

While I haven’t bothered trying to test everything to the same extent the first time I had such an issue, all but one thing is the exact same as the issue I encounter prior 4 months ago, and that’s the fact that when loading into the hanger the lighting is slightly different and the fact it isn’t going to a black screen instead. Outside of that if it is the same issue I consider it very concerning since it only occurred when the winter hanger was present and only once it went away it went back to normal, and I don’t recall the issue being mentioned as actually fixed but rather was indirectly fixed it seems, which in such a case might mean that if it is treated the same as last time playing at least on MacBook seems to be impossible until the next major update.

Here is the link to a bug report page I was on when I had the similar issue before incase you wish to hear any further details of my observations from that past issue: (Community Bug Reporting System)

So just a quick update regarding this sort of issue, a bug report has been made in case anyone is looking for one or was considering making one for this issue, and I have included the link to the current bug report. (Community Bug Reporting System)