Unable to manually control the F14's radar

I just finished getting the F14 and I decided to take it out for a spin. I know that you can manually control the TWS to select which target you want to lock, but I am completely unable to control it. I have done the following

Set keybinds for Horizontal and Vertical radar control axis, as well as having a keybind to enable the axis.
Turned off the automatic cyclic of targets in settings.
Ensured that it’s set to relative control and have keybinds for increasesing and decreasing value.

Nothing I do works and I am completely unable to control the radar.

“Enable axis” you have to press and hold whilst using the axis I beleive, i dont think its a toggle. Try removing a bind for that option in the setting and try again

Wow that was it actually. Thank you! I was losing my mind trying to figure this out

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No probs, wish it was a toggle, would be incredibly handy. Happy huntings