Unable to launch war thunder as of today

Hello, i’m unable to launch WT in my normal res (2560x1440) as of today. I played last night just fine. Now today i launch, get black screen as if it’s starting then it minimizes, and when i click it, it just flashes and re-minimizes. i have successfully launched in a lower resolution, but it’s unplayable. drivers are up to date. literally nothing has changed client/pc side since yesterday when it was playing perfectly fine. thoughts?

Windose update? Video drivers update? In the WT launcher do you have resolution set to “auto” not a specific resolution?

Everything is up to date And I do have it set to a specific resolution. A resolution which has worked fine up until now

I’d try it in auto to see what it does.

The game starts on auto, but not in the correct resolution. It doesn’t launch in the correct res from geforce either. I cant seem to find why it launched 2 days ago just fine and now it wont launch in my preferred res wheb nothing has changed and tgere are no new updates/drivers. System restart didnt help. I guess i’ll try reinstalling next. File verification also came back clea .