Ultimate British Air Tree: A Project to improve the UK Tech Tree

Wish gaijin went with this… Now the British tree is looking to one day become the most bloated tree with lacking identity of it’s original purpose. It still annoys me that if gaijin never gave us south african tanks we might have seen gaijin forced to give us all the british light tanks by now. All these minor nations do is delay actually british vehicles from coming down the pipeline.

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I mean to be honest, we got lucky with south africa, whilst yes, we have our own things we can get in ground, but there are a lot of unique and pretty good vehicles that were added with South Africa, and in air, as you can see in our tree, it has the possibility to add tons of variety beyond just the Gripen we have now.

I believe one commonwealth nation is more than enough however to give the british tree all it needs, Adding India whilst again, it offers some decent and interesting vehicles, a lot of them could be filled with our own alternatives, they could have added the T-80 britain bought and tested instead of the Bhishma and they could have added the Super Mirage from South africa that also carried R-73s.


The p1121, if it even gets added, would be unplayable at 10.0 without any flares. In addition, other aircraft’s brs you’ve added probably won’t work in the WT meta

please refer to this, we simply placed vehicles in the rough areas we thought would fit the vehicles compared to others, the P.1121 is better than the Hunters so required a higher BR, even if it isn’t Meta, Ultimately we are not Gaijin, and because we chose not to undertake the massive undertaking of Decompression (that is not what this tree is about, it’s about showing what the British tree could get in the current game situation, with some liberties).

BRs will change over time, not every vehicle is meta, sometimes it’s fun to play a vehicle that isn’t exactly perfect every game, sometimes it’s nice to take a different playstyle, going by the idea that a Vehicle won’t be meta would mean most trees would lack some very iconic aircraft, and I can assure you, a lot of these vehicles would have a place, some not in AB, some not in RB and some not in SB, but every aircraft we have added would work in at least one gamemode.

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Oh, really ?

Gaijin implemented new BR just as F-4M Phantom FGR.2

But F-4J(UK) Phantom F.3 armed AIM-9L like Phantom FGR.2 ?

As of right now we plan to keep the F.3 the same as the FG.1

Also with V2.0 the recent BR changes will be implemented

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This is excellent. The Mosquito has been done so dirty by Gajian and the Whitley still not being in the game is mad.

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Gajin add AIM-9L on F-4(UK) for future major update ?

I hope reverse BR to 11.0, 11.3 & 10.7

Ultimate British Air Tree: A Project to improve the UK Tech Tree V2.0 thread in the future ?

Here is another aircraft that can be added (Early Tier III)

The Firebrand TF.5 (or Firebrand TF.5A)

The Firebrand TF.5 is just a further improved TF.4, the TF.5A on the other hand had hydraulically boosted ailerons tested on it to address it’s issues in terms of maneuverability particularly in roll rate

Also is it possible to show off the loadouts of the aircraft shown, especially missing loadouts since a lot of aircraft have that issue not just UK aircraft

It wont be a different thread, ill just update this thread and make an announcment when it goes live

We plan to add more detail to the descriptions over time, the biggest issue is that the forums puts a 96000 character limit on posts so we have to work around fitting it within that

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