Ukrainian tech tree

Where is the Ukrainian tech tree located? How do I find it on the ground force page?

There is no ukrainian tech tree and there wont be mostlikely

All right, thanks!😊 umm then where is the Ukrainian sub tree located?

i guess most likely in ussr

So do I find them in the tech tree of the USSR?

well you can find t80ud as a premium so

It doesn’t exist. We do not have Ukrainian vehicles in the game as of right now (yeah yeah I know a lot was built in Ukraine). If a Ukrainian subtree comes, it would likely be for the USSR, but there is no Ukrainian subtree or even any Ukrainian vehicle in the game rn

Yeah there’s that but the T-80UD we got is from before the collapse of the USSR. It’s just that nearly all of the T-80UDs fell into Ukrainian hands after the fall of the USSR so Ukraine became its main user.

OK thanks I just saw so much about it on YouTube. Sorry I’m new.

It’s ok, no need to be sorry.

And yeah people have talked about Ukrainian subtree proposals for ages, but it is not in the game.

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Thanks for the info!

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There is a discussion on the forum about adding the Ukrainian nation to the game. You can check it out if you’re interested.

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