Ukraine Ground Forces Tree

1954 USA

ERA “Gofr” had problems with the formation of a cumulative jet.🤷‍♂️

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Fixed to ‘soviet ERA’, is that all that’s known?
Im primarly asking if there ever been a vehicle that had this mounted as a module.

Don’t know🤷‍♂️

Pictures of it can be found from the 1999 arms expo in Omsk, and was given by the СО-РАН (SO-RAN) Lavrent’yev institute.

Not too sure of the ERA specifics themselves, as it not being in service mean it does not have any identifying codes open to the public like 4S20/21, 4S22, 4S23/24U, or 4S24.

Pic dump



New additions to the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

Mbombe 6x6 with “Spys” RTWS (license-produced version of Mbombe)

Otaman-3 with “Spys” RTWS BM-3M “Shturm”


Otaman has some other RCWS i suppose, it’s doesn’t look like Spys.

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You are right! It seems it’s BM-3M “Shturm”, according to the old Defence Express article from the vehicle trials.

Ukrainian 115th Mechanized Brigade and Ex-Polish BWP-1


First use of the Otaman I’ve seen. Awesome

Bulgarian BTR-60 modernized by Ukraine

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very awesome military trucks


Yo guys! I was browsing some news and found one interesting video (source: Telegram: Contact @uniannet) And on video i noticed one thing. On photo on the turret (looks like Leo2 A4) we can see something like Kontakt
Знімок екрана 2024-04-23 105449

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Yes. That is Kontakt-1 ERA blocks.
It was found a long time ago on these Leopard 2A4


Since when were production numbers a determining factor? We have plenty of 1 off prototypes in game


Both tanks/series of tanks are a soviet tank school children , using a lot of components developed in USSR&for USSR, being entirely based on them.

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I find it weird how every time I comment that Ukraine could have a tree together with Poland then it gets flagged but others constantly commenting that Ukraine belongs in the Russian tree is apparently fine.


For the production of BM Oplot they used the hull from 80UD and even it had to be remodeled for the installation of ERA duplet.
If the remodeled hull is enough to make this claim, then fine😁

The T-84/BM Oplot turret has nothing to do with OKR “Improvement-88"

Stop spreading myths.


Question to those in the know.

How is the Ukrainian arms industry looking besides the production of things such as air and naval drones?
Is there any armored vehicle production to speak of?
No doubt it took a big hit as things stand, but is heavy vehicle production dead?

I wrote some stuff about it in my messages up. Newly modernised tanks and IFVs were spotted, and T-64BV modernization haven’t stopped

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