Ukraine Ground Forces Tree

Well, some people write that this is an occupation.Although this is not the case. Ukraine was still part of the Russian Empire long before the USSR

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It looks like you wrote that?

Looking back at it now it’s possible I misread your comment.

Most likely you didn’t read the sentence to the end and misunderstood

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I think it was the phrasing that confused me

No, it was a part of it, my typo there. Do excuse me


and a third of the world was in the British empire you point doesn’t mean anything


You can’t compare the British Empire to the USSR and its former states. USSR shares a lot of its technology with its former states, British Empire does not, and even when a commonwealth nation is represented with similar vehicles to Britain, they are always represented in the British tree.


This one looks more like DU7 from Malaysian MBT tender, where PT-91M Pendekar was chosen

Hence why Britain has South African, Indian, Iranian, and other vehicles are in the GB tech tree.

Well congrats on wasting your time on compiling the list from outdated TT image. Now do this over again with updated tech tree (still WIP), which you would’ve noticed if you actively participated in the thread discussion.

But the fact that you labeled “T-64BV” as simple clone of “T-64” or denying the tree from having Gepard 1A2 (which saw actual combat and fulfilled its purpose only in AFU) tells me that no arguments will change your mind and I really shouldn’t waste time on another passing tree hater either.


Maybe? BM42 would seem to be insufficient and I doubt Thailand is producing it’s own ammunition…

Start buying your Japanese premiums…

Japan has been getting some love with the Type-90B- Fuji, F-5E OCU, all in preparation for a Thai sub-tree this year.
Comes with Fox-3s, before them, or after, I dont know. But start grinding


I can and i will

There’s the thing called “gameplay assumption” in War Thunder - many things simply emulated from known data and added to the game. Form of BM44U1 is known and probably also some specs, so it can be added if there will be a good reason for it.

When we discussed “Kombat” anti-tank missile performance here in the thread, someone pointed out in the manner of “we already have Kobra in the game, it’s basically the same”. So nothing stops devs doing the same with BM44U1.

The other thing to point out: 3BM60 “exists” only in really small numbers. No one actually seen them used in combat or captured them in significant numbers (aside from one known photo of trophy). Yet in the game anyone can load full rack with it and shoot away infinitely. And I seriously doubt that devs dismantled “Svinets” or fully simulated its real life performance.


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IIRC, my statements in that post was not enough.
The catalouge from the Zhuhai Airshow (2019) stated that 125mm from China are back-ward compability so any 125mm cannon can fire them.

Since VT-4/4A1 is a competitor to T-90S/SM and T-84, the China also want to export their 125 ammuntion, confident to say that all these rounds for VT-4 can be used on T-84.
The list are:

  • PELE: BTS-8
  • HEAT: BTJ-1
  • HE: BTE-2.
  • APFSDS: DTC-10E (3rd Gen) and BTA-4 (Second gen)
  • Barrel launch ATGM: GP-125

Promotion of VT-4A1at Zhuhai airshow 2022 and it’s ammunition.
This version is the version that Gaijin implemented which is why it had 1200HP


Thank you for the work!

Sure, they can do it, but in my opinion that will be just another can of worms and another case of discussion of how effecient it would be IRL based on assumptions, just another things for people to argue about.

One is HEAT and other is Kinetic, HEAT value is simply set by devs, but the APDSFS has to have most of its values preset just to determine it’s effectiveness.
I am fine with implementing it, but, again thats just a can of worms.

Point still stands as the point was made without the ERA in general, as if it was set off by previous shots.
Meaning, T-84 will have slightly less effectiveness versus KE than T-80BV/U but at the same time will be much prone to HEAT.
Though, I am mistaken about HSTV-L point, I admire that.

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You’re confusing me

T-84 will have the same 3 layers of steel even without an ERA