UK official Challenger3 has 1200hp


UK parliament said challenger3s engine has 1200hp
If this is true, in games challenger3 have nerf?
HAHAHA Thats funny joke
It is a joke…?

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Its not a joke, the on game challenger 3 is the technology demonstrator (hence TD) more commonly known as the challenger 2 LEP (Life extension programme) designed to test future technologies the challenger 3 would include.

The challenger 3 the questions are refering to will be regarding the recently unveiled prototype or the final production variant.

TL:DR the challenger 3 we have in game is actually a challenger 2

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Honestly, it’s pretty funny how the CR2 is the longest and biggest NATO MBT yet can’t fit a larger engine like the Leopard 2s. Peak British engineering.


If this is true then we are going to have some very angry british people

Btw this should be in the machinery of war section.

It’s more related to the fact the UK hasn’t really designed a new MBT in decades. That also means not designing new components as critical as an engine.

Reason they keep the CV12 is because Challenger 3 isn’t really a new tank. It is to the CR2 what the CR2 was to the CR1. A face lift.

There is no production line for new tanks either. These are CR2 hulls repurposed to house what is practically a new turret.
But if you swap out the powerpack - you’re basically redesigning the entire hull, which is something they have no intention of doing.

Such an approach may not make sense in terms of capacity. For example in wartime there will be no production capacity to replace losses.
But from an industrial-economical standpoint it makes sense as new revolutionary designs are going to enter service around the 2030’s, which in terms of a tank’s life span - is really really soon.

War Thunder does not have a production Challenger 3 to “nerf”.

However, it does have the Tech Demo to nerf:

Official RBSL stand from DSEI 2021, no mention of automotive improvements and definitely no mention of the engine being uprated.

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