UK Challenger 3 TD Turret Armor in correct also Engine has 1217 PS thats are 1200 bhp

The transformation of the Challenger 2 to the Challenger 3 involves several significant upgrades, notably the installation of a new turret designed to house the Rheinmetall 120mm L55A1 smoothbore main gun. This turret upgrade incorporates advanced sensors that enhance battlefield awareness and overall combat capability.

The previous Challenger 2 turret was equipped with composite second-generation Chobham armor, known for its robust protection. However, in the Challenger 3 variant, this armor has been replaced with the latest EPSOM and Farnham armor. These new armor systems provide enhanced protection while likely contributing to the overall improvements in the tank’s performance and survivability on the modern battlefield.

Challenger 2 und 3 – Kampfpanzer | Rheinmetall

quote " Die neue Turmstruktur mit verbesserter Panzerung bietet den höchsten Schutzstandard für die Besatzung. "
translate :
The new turret structure with improved armor provides the highest standard of protection for the crew.

Challenger 3 | The British Army (

qoute " * Enhanced front and side turret protection and * Enhanced hull protection."

Analysis: how good is Challenger 3, the British Army’s new main battle tank? - Army Technology (

qoute “The other main upgrade to the Challenger 2 to create the Challenger 3 variant is the new turret to house the Rheinmetall main gun, which introduces new and improved sensors across the spectrum to aid in battlefield awareness and capability. The current Challenger 2 turret featured to composite second generation Chobham armour, a type now removed in favour of the new EPSOM and Farnham armour.”

The Tank need a stronger Turret (thicker armour)
we also missing the trophy system…
Since we have the Challenger 3 TD in the game, its trophy system is also missing…
DSEI 2021: Rheinmetall Shows Off Challenger 3 Trophy-MV Setup (

Engine : the tank has 1200 bhp → british Horse Power → thats are 1216,64 PS metric horsepower
we have in the game currently 1200 ps that is wrong
Challenger 3 - Wikipedia


at least the prototype should have had 1500 HP, and the armor on the turret needs to be improved and the trophy must be added


Yes, the tank needs to be adjusted. It is absolutely underperforming and not performing like it should be…it needs a Buff, more than the “Underperforming” 2S38.