UK Challenger 3 Armor and 1500 bhp

The transformation of the Challenger 2 to the Challenger 3 involves several significant upgrades, notably the installation of a new turret designed to house the Rheinmetall 120mm L55A1 smoothbore main gun. This turret upgrade incorporates advanced sensors that enhance battlefield awareness and overall combat capability.

The previous Challenger 2 turret was equipped with composite second-generation Chobham armor, known for its robust protection. However, in the Challenger 3 variant, this armor has been replaced with the latest EPSOM and Farnham armor. These new armor systems provide enhanced protection while likely contributing to the overall improvements in the tank’s performance and survivability on the modern battlefield.

The Challenger 3TD need a Armor Buff for his turret.________

Challenger 2 und 3 – Kampfpanzer | Rheinmetall

Challenger 3 | The British Army (

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The Challenger 3 is still under development, and it has been officially announced that it will receive a more powerful engine. ( nothing is final with his engine ) It doesn’t make sense for the Challenger 3, which is still under development, to retain its old engine and not receive the upgraded one.

he use the Perkins CV12-9A 26,1 Liter V12

The engine has three different power levels.
1000 bhp
1200 bhp
1500 bhp

22431.pdf (

4000 Series: 12 Cylinder | Perkins

The Challenger 3TD need a Engine Buff to 1500bhp_________________

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Yes, I’m already aware of that. Have you considered that the 1200 HP is the current specification, as the tank is still under development?
i dont know why the thread was closed ?