UH-1B/C: New 40mm Cannon Modification as M129 (XM-51 Subsystem)

Many Huey’s (Hog’s and Frog’s) especially in the Vietnam War introduced a variety of armament subsystems to their Air Cavalries. Notably, the M5 subsystem which featured an M75 Grenade Launcher on the nose of the helicopter.

Later, the AH-1G Attack Helicopter also introduced the M129, the successor to the previous M75 - It featured a higher fire rate and is on War Thunder. As the AH-56 Cheyenne’s Program was soon ending, it is said that development began on the XM51 Subsystem which replaced the traditional M75 Grenade Launcher with the more recent M129. I am not sure if it was ever used in service, but it is real.

Does the UH-1B/C deserve the XM-51?
In my opinion, yes. The M75 along with it’s low 150-round ammo capacity, poor accuracy and fire rate makes it an almost useless addition that only adds weight, especially since the majority of players will focus on getting the XM-22 Subsystem (AGM-22 ATGMs) and will stay away from combat. It’s only true purpose is to fire when you’re out of ammunition in Helicopter PVE or just to accompany the rockets.

Afterall, the AH-1G already has two of them and is much faster compared to the Huey itself.

M129 Grenade Launcher
M5 Armament Subsystem on UH-1C

What are your thoughts? Should this only be exclusive to the UH-1C or should it also be presented on both vehicles (Albeit, UH-1C has 300 rounds of ammo, maybe?).

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Would be a nice weapon to have, as the 40mm HEDP grenades are actually quite potent. +1

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Yeah, I feel like the M75 has barely any purpose in the actual game, so the M129 would be a nice buff to the Huey.

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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.