Ugly white borders around everything with 3440 x 1440p resolution

Link to a video showing it.

There is an ugly white border around everything but it is most noticeable in the hangar. When swapping tabs or changing my resolution to anything other than 3440 x 1440p it goes back to normal, but when it is the active tab everything gets this border.

This was present for me in the Dev Server and I thought it would be fixed by the update release, yet it’s still present.

I have tried everything I can think of to fix it. The graphics settings have not been changed, my graphics driver is up to date and I have reinstalled it. I have had this problem in the past however it has been fixed by changing between fullscreen and fullscreen window. But this no longer fixes it.

It looks like it might be connected with NVIDIA Reflex not being able to be enabled.

There is something definitely bugged though as I have the same issue as you. Worked flawless prior to the update and after it looks like I’m running ULQ. I found that if I had fullscreen window (normally I have this) or fullscreen selected, I’d get the same weird artifacts, but if I hit the windows key, and the game was still viewable it resolved the issue and looked fine.

I switched it to window and it solved the issue for now, although there is still definitely a problem with whatever they released.

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